Arcane Odyssey Awakenings Guide

Arcane Odyssey Awakenings Guide

If you’re a fan of Arcane Odyssey, you’re probably aware of the new feature called Awakenings. These special abilities are unique to each route and can greatly enhance your combat skills. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Arcane Odyssey Awakenings, including what they are, how they work, and how to choose the right one for you. If you want to be strong and progress faster it is important that you redeem all Arcane Odyssey codes and use the best Arcane Odyssey magics.

What Are Awakenings in Arcane Odyssey?

Arcane Odyssey Awakenings are special abilities that you can unlock by choosing a specific route. Depending on your route, you will get special powers. Mages and Paladins will receive a second magic, while Berserkers and Juggernauts will get a second fighting style. Warriors and knights, on the other hand, obtain a passive known as weaponore that increases your attack size by 33.

Types of Awakenings in Arcane Odyssey

Currently, there are several types of awakenings available in Arcane Odyssey, including:

  • Mages and Paladins: These classes receive a second magic, similar to how it was in Arcane Adventures.
  • Berserkers and Juggernauts: These classes receive a second fighting style, similar to mages.
  • Warriors and Knights: These classes obtain the passive known as “weaponore,” which increases your attack size by 33.
  • Sevens: This class has the option of learning either a second magic or a second fighting style.
  • Hybrid Awakenings: Certain hybrid classes allow you to view effects on your weapon or fighting style, which will change the properties of your attacks, such as being faster with light or having burned by fire.
  • Conjurers, Warlocks, and Warlords: These classes allow you to imbue magic or fighting styles onto your weapons or imbue fighting styles into your weapons.
  • Warden’s Awakening: This Awakening is currently not available, but it will be added once the roux gets finished with speared weapons.
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How to Choose the Right Awakening in Arcane Odyssey

Choosing the right Awakening in Arcane Odyssey is important, and you have to choose based on your skill, playstyle, and what you like. If you’re someone who enjoys using magic, then choosing a class that offers a second magic ability would be ideal. If you prefer close-range combat, then picking a class that offers a second fighting style would be a better fit for you.

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