Best Roblox Basketball Games 2023

Best Roblox Basketball Games 2022

The initial version of the incredibly entertaining game platform Roblox was released in 2006. Over 37 million people are currently playing various games on the well-liked gaming platform, which has experienced substantial growth since then. Since the start of 2022, there have been many groups on Roblox that are either playing various games downloaded from the servers or making original experiences that other people may enjoy. 

It is simple to create a Roblox account by choosing a name and passcode and then providing your sexual identity and your date of birth. You may start your Roblox download after accepting the conditions. The methods for creating games for children have substantially improved, which adds to their already increased quality. Roblox has so many games accessible that it may be difficult to even know where to start.

It seems to make sense that so many Roblox programmers would like to emulate the success of basketball computer games. There is no limit to the variety of unique environments that developers may develop, each featuring its own settings and characteristics. Basketball is among the most well-liked sports in the entire globe. It showcases a number of elite athletes, practically constant action, and some of the biggest athletic events to ever occur in history.

In addition to games devoted to other sports such as basketball, the well-known gaming environment now contains public server games, thriller and action RPGs, driving games, and wrestling simulations. There aren’t many fantastic basketball games available for players to play on the market. However, there are a ton more basketball games available to be played in Roblox, and we have listed some of the best ones in this article. So, if you have been on a hunt for basketball games to play, you are at the right place. The games listed below are not mentioned in any particular order, so go through each game’s description and decide which one best suits your interest. Best of luck!



This game was inspired by the extremely famous NBA Phenom PlayStation 2 console video game. Despite the fact that there are several games that are similar to this one, gamers choose this one the most. It is your mission to grab the ball from your opposition and score a goal in this game, which has simple controls and an action-oriented playing style.

In addition to possessing a broad range of trick shots at your fingertips, you may steal the ball from other participants to avoid getting caught by the opposition. Having exceptional control over your management and aim is a need if you want to make a goal.

Dunking Simulator

Dunking Simulator

The company behind Dunking Simulator is called Virus Games Studio. Over 200,000 Roblox players deem this game of basketball to be among the best on the service, and they all enjoy playing it. The original edition of the Dunking Simulator was released more than a year ago, and its developer is still regularly releasing updated parts of the game.

Thanks to its extensive selection of customized characters and one-of-a-kind goodies, Dunking Simulator is mostly about flaunting your skills but looking beautiful while you’re doing it. Approximately 12 players can play simultaneously on one server, and it features close-knit gameplay with a wide range of unique dynamics. Furthermore, there are always fantastic offers to reap the benefits of the game, for example, the availability of cost-free premium avatar items.

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Thanks to Roblox’s intricate control system, Hoopz has become one of the most well-designed basketball experiences on the famous gaming platform. It provides players with a huge playing space, customized courts, and the opportunity to engage in short 1v1 games and practice their abilities. In order to keep everyone’s attention on the game, Hoopz offers a lovely counter for the player team and rival team scores. Additionally, it provides access to fast-moving vehicles for gamers to move about quickly. The thousands of control mechanisms may be the sole drawback, which explains why people seem to love and detest it almost equally.

Grave Basketball

When most individuals hear the word grave, basketball is probably the last thing on their minds. The title of this game should not, however, lead people to believe that it is any less entertaining than any of the other amazing Basketball games on Roblox. Players shoot baskets with various basketballs from any distance in the new game Grave Basketball Pro Simulator. It contains strange courts like a graveyard and offers players the chance to earn money and jewels to improve their characters. Even without any additional features, the game’s physical dynamics remain compelling.


It is immediately clear that the game, Nikeland, which Nike developed for Roblox, is of the highest standard. Even though it’s not only a basketball game, it provides participants the ability to work on their skills as real-world athletes in a range of sports. The amazing center hub section of the building includes a basketball area, a foyer, a gallery, and a ground. Given that it is a product from Nike, users may be seen wearing a variety of Nike clothing, earning various skills, and obtaining free treats and goodies through playing this spectacular game. The game has a 3-on-3 soccer option and offers a wide range of visual settings. Because of this, it’s probable that everybody playing this game will have a great time and gaming experience.

Basketball Stars

Basketball Stars

If you enjoy playing games with a buddy as an opponent, then Basketball Stars is the right pick for you! You and a partner may take on the roles of specific famous basketball players while playing the game. You get the opportunity to compete in basketball games against celebrities like LeBron James and Stephen Curry, thanks to Basketball Stars.

Basketball Stars maintains faithful to the game’s premise of the sport by including the three-pointer, underpass, and other plays that enable you to win a significant number of points for yourself. You may throw your opponents off-balance by darting around the court and making fantastic jump shots. Every player in the game of Basketball Stars has a unique skill, such as a huge dunk, fast break, or defense. As a result, you should select a group of players who will assist you win the tournament.

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RH2: The Journey

Many Roblox users already like RH2 The Journey, although it is still in the alpha testing stage of production. The game’s superior in-game graphics, which outperform those of many other top-notch basketball games available on Roblox, are said to be a major contributing factor to its early success.

A ridiculously extensive upgrading system with over 22 distinct traits is also included in RH2 The Journey, and each of these attributes enhances the gameplay in a unique way. This game has a pro mode that offers players twice as many coins and upgrade points as they usually do on the weekends, which is a wonderful motivation for them to play it again and advance their progress.

Basketball Simulator

Basketball Simulator

The fact that this one offers such a vast amount of information and the simplicity of its gaming principles are just two of the many factors that make it so wonderful. Players will be able to discover a large number of novel and interesting environments while playing this game, as well as get a wide range of brand-new and unique items.

Basketball Simulator has a variety of features, including bag giveaways within the game, an upgrading system, and a reward based on cash accumulation, all of which help to keep the excitement high. The eighth world in the game, Rome, was added to the list of magnificent in-game planets within the most recent game update. Basketball Simulator is unquestionably one of the best basketball video games available today, and it is easy to see why.

Hoop Central 6

Hoop Central 6

The second season of the basketball game Hoop Central 6 has already begun. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that gamers of Roblox find it to be highly popular. With over 28 million visitors, Hoop Central 6 is a game that is currently in alpha but never misses an opportunity to amuse gamers who desire to play some insanely fantastic basketball. It’s difficult to really contest the statement made by the game’s creator, who calls Hoop Central 6 “The most inventive basketball game on Roblox.” In addition to my player mode and a fully functional merchandise store, the game features a character builder with extensive customization options.

Basketball Shooting Simulator

Basketball Shooting Simulator

At first sight, the Basketball Shooting Simulator might appear like simply another game where you shoot hoops, but that couldn’t be further from the reality. Thousands of people love this game, which has had 11 million visitors so far. The goal of the Basketball Shooting Simulator is to score the most points possible in the allotted amount of time, making it a straightforward game with an easy idea.

Players must be inventive to gain the upper hand in games and score as many flawless shots as they can. The basketball Shooting Simulator is one of the simpler basketball games on Roblox since it only requires players to time their shots and aim at a proper angle.

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