Best Warlock Build in Arcane Odyssey

Best Warlock Build in Arcane Odyssey

There are a lot of different builds that you can create with Warlocks in Arcane Odysseybut not all of them are good. After a lot of testing and searching for the best Warlock build that is effective and powerful we found one that is incredibly good. In this guide, I will break down the components of this outstanding build created by YouTuber UnoTwo, and explain the synergy between Iron Leg and Crystal.

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Best Warlock build

The heart of this Warlock builds lies in the unique synergy between Iron Leg and Crystal. Iron Leg is a powerful ability that allows the player to crush or break their moves, ensuring quicker attacks. On the other hand, Crystal is an element that excels in dealing high damage output. When combined, the result is an unstoppable force that unleashes a torrent of damage on your foes.

In this build, Iron Leg takes center stage as it accelerates the attack rate, enabling the player to land hits immediately. The rapid attack speed, combined with the damage amplification from Crystal, means that each hit deals an additional 35 damage. This newfound power will leave your enemies reeling, as they struggle to keep up with your relentless onslaught.

The true strength of this build lies in its ability to capitalize on the bleeding status effect. Each hit from the Warlock inflicts bleeding on the target, which causes their health to slowly drain. Moreover, the synergy between Iron Leg and Crystal ensures that the damage output increases even further when the enemy is bleeding.

Warlock build created by UnoTwo

Skill Set of Warlock build

This Warlock build focuses on abilities that inflict bleed and maximize damage output. By utilizing a combination of Area of Effect (AOE) skills and other powerful moves, this build will keep your opponents on their toes, struggling to defend against your relentless barrage of attacks.

In Arcane Odyssey, AOE skills play a crucial role in asserting dominance over the battlefield. This Warlock build features a suite of potent AOE abilities that will decimate groups of enemies, giving you a tactical advantage in both 1v1 and group battles.

One of the most powerful moves in this build is the grab move. While it can be challenging to land, successfully executing this move can deal massive damage to your opponent. With practice and precision, you’ll become a master at landing this devastating attack.

In this build, the E skill and Awakening ability serve as the pinnacle of your damage-dealing arsenal. These moves, when combined with the Iron Leg and Crystal synergy, can obliterate even the most formidable foes in Arcane Odyssey.

To truly harness the power of this Warlock build, engage your fighting style mode. This mode enhances your damage output and boosts the effectiveness of certain moves, allowing you to fully exploit the devastating capabilities of the Iron Leg Plus Crystal combination.


In summary, the Iron Leg Plus Crystal Warlock build is a force to be reckoned with in Arcane Odyssey. With its unique synergy, amplified damage through bleeding, and a diverse array of powerful moves, this build has the potential to dominate any battlefield. This build is awesome, all credits go to UnoTwo so please give it to him like and subscribe.

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