Blade Ball Tier List: Best Abilities

Blade Ball Tier List Best Abilities

A Blade Ball Tier List outlines the best abilities in the game. Each ability is unique and different, but some abilities are simply better than others. Which ability you use is determined by your in-game situation, goal, and current progression, but you want to invest in the best ability that will give you the best return on your time and investment, especially if you are a free-to-play player.

This tier list is intended for end-game and was tested with high-end accounts in the best possible condition, allowing us to create the best possible ratings. In general, there is a problem with tier lists, and that is that we can not control all aspects of the game when testing abilities like ability synergy, chance, gear, and a lot of other things.

They are simply out of control. Keep in mind that the goal of the Blade Ball Tier list is to provide you with information on the best abilities so you can become powerful and dominant, but ratings are certainly debatable. Do not forget to redeem all Blade Ball codes that will give you a lot of free items, including coins and boosts.

Tier System and grades

  • Tier S – Overpowered
  • Tier A – Balanced
  • Tier B – Slightly Underpowered
  • Tier C – Underpowered
  • Tier F – The Worst

Blade Ball Tier List

Ability NameTier Rating
Raging DeflectS
Shadow StepA
Thunder DashB
Super JumpC

Dash Ability

When diving into the world of “Blade Ball,” every player is introduced to the Dash Ability. Acting as a basic maneuver, the Dash Ability provides swift movement in the game’s direction. While it’s readily available from the get-go without spending a dime, seasoned players have spotted its predictability.

Its main advantage lies in allowing players a quick response, especially when there’s an incoming ball. However, for those thinking it’s a strong defensive move, think again. With a price tag of 800 coins, it’s accessible yet not always the best choice in a standoff.

Super Jump Ability

As one of the most budget-friendly moves, the Super Jump Ability propels players to exceptional heights. Not only is it wallet-friendly, but it also offers newcomers a slight defensive edge when balls come flying. However, its limitations are quickly evident in the face of experienced adversaries who can anticipate and counter this high-flying move.

Lightning Dash

While the Dash Ability has its merits, the Lightning Dash is its evolved cousin. Faster and more formidable, this ability lets players cover vast distances in a snap. Not just a simple movement tool, the Lightning Dash packs a punch with its attack capability, positioning it above the basic Dash in the game’s hierarchy.

Shadow Step

Enter the arena with the enigmatic Shadow Step. This ability, reminiscent of Lightning Dash, grants players swift motion but has its unique twist. Its longer duration and slower speed are compensated by its visually intriguing shadow afterimages. However, it’s not all pros without cons. The extended cooldown period is something players should factor in when strategizing.

Platform Ability

While it might sound like an ace move, the Platform Ability is more of a wildcard. By conjuring a platform high above, players gain a vantage point. Though it might throw off opponents when used sporadically, its defensive utility remains questionable.

Force Field Ability

Shielding oneself in the world of “Blade Ball” is essential, and the Force Field Ability promises just that. But at a steep 2,000 coins, does it deliver? This force field auto-deflects incoming balls for a set time. While it may sound invaluable, manual ball blocking often proves more effective, casting doubt on its worth.

Raging Deflect Ability

For those with 4,000 coins to spare, the Raging Deflect Ability beckons. Augmenting deflection, it sends balls zooming at mind-boggling speeds. While its offensive prowess is undisputed, defensively it might leave you wanting. In scenarios where an opponent sends a zooming ball right back, the tables can swiftly turn.

Telekinesis (God Tier)

Arguably the crème de la crème of abilities, Telekinesis stands in a league of its own. This power alters a ball’s path and target, ramping up its velocity. The result? Utter chaos and confusion for adversaries. With its unparalleled attack potential, it’s no wonder seasoned players sing its praises.


In a game where visibility is key, the Invisibility Ability is a game-changer. For 800 coins, players can cloak themselves, making targeting a Herculean task. Yet, it’s not an all-encompassing shield. Its lack of attacking prowess and its no-show in standoffs place certain restrictions on its use.

Thunder Dash

Building on the Dash Ability’s foundation, the Thunder Dash is a powerhouse. At 1,200 coins, players can teleport instantly, catching foes unawares. Its dual benefits of movement and attack solidify its standing in the “Blade Ball” arena. But that’s not all. Its cooldown is refreshingly short, allowing repeated use in quick succession.

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