Fruit Battlegrounds Leveling Guide

Fruit Battlegrounds Leveling Guide

Each Fruit in Fruit Battlegrounds can be leveled. When you level it up, you will get additional power and skill so you can deal more damage. So it is crucial that you know how to level up fruits, especially if you are a new player. In this guide, you will find all the info that you need. 

If you are not sure what fruit you should use, make sure that you check out the Fruit Battlegrounds tier list. If you are a new player we recommend that you use Fruit Battlegrounds codes because they will give you various items and boosts that will speed up your leveling process. 

Leveling Up Fruit

Playing the Game

Although it might seem like the most obvious way to level up your fruit, simply playing the game is, unfortunately, the least effective method. When you are playing, you naturally focus on defeating your opponents, which takes up a significant amount of time. This, in turn, slows down the XP gain, as you’re not consistently using your fruit’s abilities. While it may be fun to play the game, it’s not the most efficient way to level up your fruit in Fruit Battlegrounds.

Boss Hunting

A more effective method to level up your fruit is by hunting and defeating bosses. Boss hunting can be quite exhilarating and, if done right, can yield a significant amount of XP. However, this method relies heavily on luck, as the XP gain depends on the damage dealt to the bosses.

Additionally, while hunting bosses like Haido, you may face challenges from other players or struggle with long spawn times. Despite its shortcomings, boss hunting can be a decent alternative for those who don’t wish to AFK and prefer a more active playstyle in Fruit Battlegrounds.

AFK with a Macro

The ultimate method for leveling up your fruit in Fruit Battlegrounds is by using a macro while AFK (Away From Keyboard). Our personal favorite, TinyTask, allows you to record your inputs and automate them, ensuring continuous use of your fruit’s abilities.

This way, your character keeps gaining XP, even when you’re not actively playing. Remember to set the preferences to continuous playback and let the macro do its magic. With the 2x EXP game pass, you can expect to gain a significant amount of levels in just a few hours.

Maximizing Your XP Gain

Maximizing Your XP Gain

Double Your XP in Wano: Make sure to always play in Wano, as it offers a 2x EXP bonus. This can greatly speed up your leveling process and make the most of your time spent in Fruit Battlegrounds.

Future Updates: Keep an eye on future updates that might introduce new ways to level up your fruit. We’re always looking forward to new content and additional methods to enhance our gameplay experience.


In conclusion, Fruit Battlegrounds offers various methods to level up your fruit, with the AFK macro being the most efficient one. While playing the game and boss hunting can be enjoyable, they fall short in terms of XP gain. So, give the macro method a try and watch your fruit’s abilities reach new heights. As passionate players, we hope this guide helps you in your quest to become the ultimate Fruit Battlegrounds master.

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