Fruit Warriors Guide For New Players

Fruit Warriors Guide For New Players

Fruit Warriors is a Roblox game that has a lot of in-game features and things that you need to know. It is quite a complex game, and you will struggle as a new player. So in this guide, we will explain everything that you need to know to become the strongest warrior in Fruit Warriors. 


Setting Fruit Warriors

As with every game, you need to understand the interface. On the left side of your screen, you have a bag, settings, and currency. In the bag, you will find all the fruits and items that you have.

The setting is a place where you can adjust graphics and notifications. Currency in the game consists of tokens and belly, which can be earned by defeating bosses and completing quests. Also, make sure that you redeem all Fruit Warriors codes that will give you free tokens, belly, and some rare items. 


Fruit Warriors shop

A Fruit Warriors shop is a place where you can purchase a lot of things, like game passes and items. What is great about the shop is that you can even gift items and battle passes to your friends. Some of the things that you can purchase are storage, race change, exp boost, a boost for stats, and so much more. 


Stats are extremely important if you want to become the best in Fruit Warrior. There are five stats in the game: strength, stamina, defense, and sword. So make sure that you find the stats that are best for you and max them out.

Devil Fruits

Devil Fruits Fruit Warriors

Devil Fruits in Fruit Warriors are rare and powerful items that will greatly boost your strength. You can obtain them by spinning through the fruit merchant or finding them throughout the map. The Fruit Notifier can help you locate where they spawn, which is a great feature, but the problem is that it costs 2,600 Robux. It is quite expensive, but 100% worth getting if you are serious about the game and want to get the best fruits that are in the game. 

Leveling Guide

The world of Fruit Warriors consists of several islands, each with its own content and quests. The starter island is where you begin, but you can move on to the next island when you get enough power and skill.

The bandit quests are a great way to level up as a new player because they are easy to do and give a decent amount of experience. There are a lot of leveling guides available so it is best that you check a few of them if you want to get to max level as soon as possible.

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