Hero’s Ultimatum Codes in Roblox – Free Spins, Stat Resets March 2023

Roblox Hero's Ultimatum Codes

Roblox is a game worthy of exploration if you enjoy manga and anime series like My Hero Academia. It is a brand-new game wherein players need to follow either an infamous villain or a legendary hero.  

So, to save your time on researching, we have compiled a list of Roblox Hero’s Ultimatum Codes, including free spins, face rerolls, and stat resets. Read on to use some of them in your game and create a robust build within the game.  

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Roblox Hero’s Ultimatum Codes: What Are They?

Roblox Hero’s Ultimatum Codes are the best options to receive freebies within the game. Also, the best part is that you never pay for any of these. Moreover, these codes generally come out when the game is at a milestone.

These are gifts to the game’s player base, and players can get many items in the game. Yes, free currencies, goodies, and things to improvise your game.  

Here is a list of codes that can help your game to attain a better and powerful path. Use them to your advantage.

Hero's Ultimatum Codes List

lotsofspins 15 spins



Stat reset


Quirk spins

2MVisitsEight quirk spins


New face rerolls


Stat reset

1MVisitsEight quirk spins

How to Redeem Codes for the Roblox Hero’s Ultimatum

If you feel stuck or confused in redeeming the above codes for Roblox Hero’s Ultimatum, worry not! We have covered it for you by compiling the step-by-step procedure.

It will help you quickly redeem your favorite codes. So, follow the steps mentioned below: 

  1. Start with opening your Roblox Hero’s Ultimatum game on your phone.
  2. Now, on your keyboard, press M. It will open the menu window.
  3. Here, you will find the Settings option. Tap on it.
  4. Now, type the selected code in the code box.
  5. Once you hit Enter, you will receive the awards as per your chosen code.
  6. Enjoy! 

Once you use the codes, your game becomes much more fun and enjoyable. Do not miss out on this and the experience of success in the game. 

About Roblox Hero’s Ultimatum

Roblox Hero’s Ultimatum is a perfect game for anime and manga fans of My Hero Academia. The game developer is the Reptile Productions who release the codes. So, you can get on with this mobile game. Make sure to enjoy your free time with all the freebies and the above codes.

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