How to Complete St. Patrick’s Day Event Quests Pet Simulator X

How to Complete St. Patrick's Day Event Quests Pet Simulator X

St. Patrick’s Event is a new Pet Simulator X event that has new pets, world, currency, eggs, and quests. There are several different quests that when you complete them, will get you cool free rewards. So it is important to know how to complete all quests before the event finishes. If you are new to the game then we recommend you to check our guides like Pet Simulator X Best Enchantments, Pet Simulator X Codes, Mystery Merchant Spawn Time, and Pet Simulator X Value List.

Collecting 150 Coin Piles

The first quest requires you to collect 150 coin piles scattered throughout the game world. The best place to find coin piles in Pet Simulator X is Samurai Island. While coin piles can spawn in other locations, they are less frequent. The spawn rates are the highest in fantasy world locations, and Samurai Island is one of the best spots to collect them based on our testing.

To complete this quest quickly, we recommend bringing along a few friends to help you. You can mine the coins together. New coins will drop from the sky as you do so. This will speed up the collection process. Alternatively, you can server-hop to find new coin piles. It will be easier to find new coin piles by shutting down and reopening the server but this only works if you have a VIP server. 

Mining 50 Pots

Mining 50 Pots

The second quest requires you to mine 50 pots. The best place to look for them is Haunted Island. Pots tend to spawn more frequently here than in other areas. 

To mine the pots quickly, we suggest that you mine all the normal coins in the area as they will spawn new pots. Again, you can bring along friends to help you with this. With their help, you can mine all the pots in just a few minutes.

Participating in the Rainbow Event in Pet Simulator X

The final quest requires you to participate in the Rainbow Event. The problem with this event is that it spawns every 4 hours. The event is held in the event area. What is great is that developers made sure that you will get an announcement on your screen so you do not miss it. All you have to do is head to the spawn location and wait for the rainbow to appear.

The event will last for an hour. In this event, you need to mine the chests on the rainbow to complete the quest. The chests are difficult to mine, and you will need a strong pet to do it quickly. The rewards, however, are great so it is 100% worth your time. You can earn a huge rare pet and other cool rewards.

Unlocking the Final Area in Pet Simulator X

Once you have completed all three quests, you can unlock the final area. You will need to purchase it using Clover coins. You got Clover coins through the quests. The final area is relatively cheap to purchase and it’s worth unlocking as it offers new challenges and rewards.

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