How To Find and Defeat Sea Monsters in Arcane Odyssey

How To Find and Defeat Sea Monsters in Arcane Odyssey

Sea Monsters in Arcane Odyssey are beasts that you will find and battle. When you kill them you will get rewards. Problem is that a lot of new players are struggling with finding sea monsters and killing them. In this guide, you will find all info that you need on how to find and kill sea monsters in Arcane Odyssey

Finding Sea Monsters in Arcane Odyssey

Finding Sea Monsters in Arcane Odyssey

The first step in hunting sea monsters is actually finding them. The vast sea in Arcane Odyssey can make locating these creatures quite challenging. However, there’s a helpful tool you can use – the Agora. It’s like a newspaper that reports on various events happening on your server, including sea monster sightings. By keeping an eye on the Agora, you’ll get a heads-up on where to begin your search.

Once you have an idea of where a sea monster has been spotted, it’s time to set sail. Be prepared for a challenging search, as the indicated area in the Agora can be much wider than you might think. Stay patient, and remember that perseverance is key when searching for these elusive beasts.

Defeating Arcane Odyssey’s Sea Monsters

Many players mistakenly believe that there are only two types of sea monsters in Arcane Odyssey: White Eyes and Purple/Poison Jaws. However, there’s a third contender that’s often overlooked – the Megalodon Shark. Although it may seem like just a regular shark, the Megalodon counts as a sea monster and should not be underestimated.

While searching for sea monsters, you’ll likely encounter the Megalodon Shark. It may not be as menacing as White Eyes or Poison Jaws, but it’s still a strong monster. The Megalodon drops fins that can be sold for some in-game currency but do not expect a fortune from these drops.

Strategies for Battling Sea Monsters in Arcane Odyssey

White Eyes is a powerful sea monster that can easily decimate you and your boat if you’re not careful. To tackle this fearsome foe, take advantage of the extended field of view (FOV) when on a boat. The increased visibility allows you to spot White Eyes from a safe distance. Using a ranged weapon like the Stormcaller can help you deal damage without getting too close.

Fighting Purple/Poison Jaws and Megalodon Shark requires a different approach. These monsters are weaker than White Eyes, so diving in and using ranged moves can be a viable strategy. Just be ready to act fast, as these monsters will retaliate once they’re attacked.

Sea Monster Drops

As mentioned earlier, the Megalodon Shark drops fins that can be sold for a modest sum. While not the most valuable of drops, they can still add to your in-game wealth.

Defeating the mighty White Eyes yields a rather underwhelming reward – the White Eye scale. Though it sells for a slightly higher price than the Megalodon fins, the White Eye scale may leave you feeling somewhat unsatisfied, considering the effort required to defeat this powerful sea monster. Nevertheless, it’s still a reward worth collecting.

If you’re in pursuit of a truly valuable reward, look no further than the Poison Jaws. This sea monster drops the coveted Poison Dagger, a potent weapon with a poisoned effect and a ranged attack. This unique and powerful item is well worth the effort of hunting down and defeating the fearsome Poison Jaws.


Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge and strategies to locate, battle, and profit from the sea monsters of the Arcane Odyssey, it’s time to set sail and put your skills to the test. Remember to keep an eye on the Agora for sea monster sightings, adapt your strategies for each type of sea monster, and claim your well-earned rewards. With patience, determination, and a bit of luck, you’ll become a renowned sea monster hunter in the world of the Arcane Odyssey. Happy hunting!

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