How to get Devil Fruits in Anime Fighting Simulator X

How to get Devil Fruits in Anime Fighting Simulator X

In the universe of Anime Fighting Simulator X, Devil Fruits aren’t mere accessories; they’re pivotal to the game. However, patience is the name of the game when it comes to their spawn rate. With intervals ranging from 30 minutes to an hour, these elusive items don’t just pop up whenever you wish.

As a player, it’s essential to keep this in mind, so you manage your time and expectations appropriately. Also, be prepared: while the game does have a notification system, it’s discreet. Staying alert will be your best friend here.

Where to Find Devil Fruits

Where to Find Devil Fruits

Let’s address a common myth: Devil Fruits don’t just materialize everywhere. Their favorite haunts are the vicinity of trees. Trees, in essence, act as the gatekeepers to these valuable assets. Specific regions in the game are veritable treasure troves for Devil Fruits. The Demon Slayer area, for instance, has a reputation for being a Devil Fruit magnet.

Similarly, the contours and niches of Demon Island hide these gems, especially near the training area. But don’t limit yourself to these areas; sometimes, the side of a mountain or the fringes of the game island can surprise you with a Devil Fruit.

However, it’s equally crucial to be aware of the areas where your search might be in vain. For example, both the Ice Island and the Volcano Island, despite their allure, are rarely the go-to places for Devil Fruit enthusiasts. Especially in the heart of the Volcano Island, where trees are scarce, your chances of spotting a fruit plummet. Do not forget to redeem all Anime Fighting Simulator X codes because they will give you amazing rewards that will help you in get Devil Fruits.

Two Main Methods to Obtain Devil Fruits in Anime Fighting Simulator X:

Method 1: Purchasing Devil Fruits from the Shop:

If you have some Robux to spare, the in-game Shop offers a convenient pathway to acquire Devil Fruits. The shop showcases a smorgasbord of fruits, each with its own rarity quotient. For the discerning player, splurging 200 Robux can unlock potent fruits like Mira and Ice.

And once you’ve made your prized purchase, equipping it is a breeze. Head to the “specials” menu, activate your Devil Fruit, and voila, you are now armed with unique abilities that can tilt battles and challenges in your favor.

Method 2: Discovering Devil Fruits in the Game World:

For those who’d rather save their Robux, Anime Fighting Simulator X offers the thrill of the hunt. Exploring the game’s vast expanse is rewarding in itself, but finding a Devil Fruit in the wild? That’s a different high altogether. Employing a mount can supercharge your exploration endeavors, covering vast tracts in a short time.

Focusing on treed areas and significant landmarks can significantly amplify your chances of stumbling upon a Devil Fruit. And here’s a pro-tip: invest in the Fruit Tracker Game Pass. While it isn’t essential and many seasoned players prefer the raw thrill of discovery, this pass can streamline your search, especially if you’re new to the game or feeling a tad impatient.

The world of Anime Fighting Simulator X is dynamic, and Devil Fruits are no exception. These coveted items glow briefly upon spawning, a spectacle that lasts around 30 minutes, although there’s no fixed timer. Once you’ve secured a Devil Fruit, the next phase is Mastery.

It’s a systematic process of bolstering your abilities, achieved by overcoming NPCs or taking down bosses in the game. The potency of the abilities at your disposal is intrinsically linked to both the kind of Devil Fruit you possess and your Mastery level. Simply put, in the fierce combats of Anime Fighting Simulator X, Devil Fruits are your ace in the hole.

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