How to get Fame in Arcane Odyssey

How to get Fame in Arcane Odyssey

Fame is a great thing to get in Arcane Odyssey. Problem is that it is quite hard and chelling to get it if you are a new player with zero experience of the game. There are several ways to farm, some are hard while some are easy to do. So in this guide you will find out all the ways to farm in Arcane Odyssey so you can easily achieve your Fame goals. Redeem all Arcane Odyssey codes, they will not give you fame but they will give you some awesome rewards. Do not forget to check the Arcane Odyssey Magic Tier List

Hunt Down Players with Bounties

One of the best ways to build your Fame in Arcane Odyssey is by hunting down and defeating players with bounties on their heads. Bounties offer a fantastic opportunity to gain both money and Fame, as long as you’re up for the challenge.

To get started, visit any city area where you’ll find various amenities like the ship ride and tailor. Look for the wanted board located next to an NPC. The board will display bounties in the server, which could be real players or NPCs. As you complete these bounties, you’ll earn a considerable amount of Fame, making this method one of the most effective ways to level up.

Save Castaways

Another great way to increase your Fame is by rescuing Castaways. Scattered throughout the sea, these unfortunate souls need your help to make it to the nearest Outpost safely.

As you navigate the sea, keep an eye out for people stranded on boxes, which are easily recognizable. Approach the Castaway, and you’ll have the option to save or plunder them. Remember, saving Castaways is the heroic choice, and it’s the one that will increase your Fame.

Once you’ve saved a few Castaways, bring them to the nearest Outpost. Each Castaway you save will reward you with 300 Fame, making this an excellent method to farm Fame quickly. Plus, you’ll feel good knowing you’ve helped someone in need!

Being mentioned in the Agora

Being mentioned in the Agora, the in-game newspaper, is the most rewarding way to boost your Fame in Arcane Odyssey. With each mention, you’ll receive a whopping 800 Fame, so it’s well worth pursuing.

There are various ways you can be featured in the Agora, such as:

Saving Castaways: As mentioned earlier, rescuing Castaways can land you a spot in the Agora, earning you even more Fame.

Defeating sea monsters: Slaying these fearsome creatures not only gives you a chance to be mentioned in the Agora but also makes the seas a safer place for everyone.

Vanquishing pirates: Taking down pirates and sinking their ships is a heroic act that might just get you featured in the Agora.

To increase your chances of being mentioned, try targeting weakened players at Silverhorn, where people often farm. Defeating these players could lead to a mention in the Agora, boosting your Fame by a significant amount.


In conclusion, boosting your Fame in Arcane Odyssey is achievable by following these three effective methods: hunting down players with bounties, saving Castaways, and making headlines in the Agora. As a fellow player, I can attest to the effectiveness of these strategies in helping you reach your Fame goals. Good luck, and may your adventures in Arcane Odyssey be filled with excitement and Fame.

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