How to get Fruits in Fruit Warrior Guide

How to get Fruits in Fruit Warrior Guided

Fruits in Fruit Warrior are extremely important because they will boost your character’s power. The problem is that it is not that easy to get fruits, especially the best fruits in Fruit Warrior. So in this guide, we will show you all ways to get fruits, but you will need a lot of luck on your side in order to get the best ones. 

Obtaining Fruits through Missions

The game offers three different fruit missions located on Starter Island, Snow Island, and Alabasta. Each mission has a unique set of rewards, but they all have one thing in common: the chance to obtain fruits. These missions can be accessed by talking to the food merchant on each island.

Fruits Roll

Devil Fruits Fruit Warriors

On the starter island, chances of obtaining fruits are 90% common, 10% uncommon, and 0% for all others. The token chances are higher for rare and uncommon fruits, but everything else remains at 0%. It costs 2 tokens or 25k valleys to spin once.

On snow island, the common chance drops to 0%, and the uncommon chance increases to 90%. Rare fruits now have a 10% chance of appearing. Token chances remain the same, with a 50% chance of uncommon fruits and a 10% chance of epic fruits. It costs 8 tokens or 250k belly to spin once.

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On alabasta, epic fruits now have a 10% chance of appearing, and legendary fruits can be obtained with 16 tokens. It costs 900k belly or 16 tokens to spin once.

Obtaining Fruits through Spawning

Fruits also spawn randomly throughout the map which means that you can find them at any moment. The problem is that the chance of getting one is low, and you will need a lot of luck in order to get one. You can purchase items from the store that will help notify you when there is a fruit spawned in the game. 

Comparison of the Two Methods

While both methods have their advantages, obtaining fruits through missions is more reliable than waiting for them to spawn. So make sure that you complete as many missions as possible and be patient.

Obtaining the best fruits in Fruit Warrior is extremely hard and you need a lot of luck. Obtaining fruits through spawning is fun and can save you some money but finding good fruits is extremely rare. The best strategy for obtaining fruits is to start with the missions and then go for collection by searching for spawned fruits.

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