How to Get Gems in Pet Simulator X

How to Get Gems in Pet Simulator X

Pet Simulator X is a fun game where you will collect pets. There are a lot of different pets that you can get but you will need a lot of gems to purchase them. On top of that, you will use gems to upgrade and hatch eggs so it is crucial to know how to get millions of gems fast.  

It is not that hard to get gems in Pet Simulator X. You can get them by farming or trading. Trading is the most efficient way to get millions of gems but it is hard. There are a lot of different guides on youtube about trading so make sure that you watch them before you start trading. You can also use Pet Simulator X codes that will give you free gems and boost for gems.

Getting Gems

Royalty pets are crucial in getting gems quickly. These pets have a 300 billion power level and can easily spawn gem piles in the cat world. To start, make sure that you have enough royal pets. You can hatch mythical pets or check your spare pets in your bank to see if you have any royalty pets.

Once you have enough royalty pets, go to the cat world and start breaking everything to spawn gem piles. You can use metal center parts or any 300 billion powered pet to break objects faster. The Dark Matter Galaxy foxes are also great for this method.

While breaking there is a chance that you will lag and not be able to pick up gems. So what you have to do is restart the game or teleport to a new location and then teleport back.
After you spawn gem piles, use your royalty pets to collect the gems.

You can easily get 1M gems or more depending on how long you will farm. Additionally, don’t forget to collect your interest as it can help you get more gems. All you have to do is put your gems in the bank, and they will collect interest over time. 

Using Weaker Pets

Using Weaker Pets

While royalty pets are essential for getting gems quickly, weaker pets can also do the job. The advantage of using weaker pets is that they’re easier to obtain and can still get you a decent amount of gems. This is more for new players who will not have access to strong pets. 

To use this method, equip weaker pets like Golden Goal horses and Alpha pets. Then, find diamonds to break in areas like the Pixel Forest and other locations. The key to getting the most gems is to find a specific speed for breaking the diamonds. So Test different speeds until you find the one that gives you the most gems.

Trading pets

Trading is the most efficient way to get a lot of gems in Pet Simulator X, but it is not that easy. The problem with trading is that you need to have a good amount of gems and pets in order to start trading efficiently and you need a lot of knowledge about the worth of pets. This is more for advanced players who have a good collection of pets. If you are a new player, the best method is to farm gems.

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