How to get Lion’s Halberd in Arcane Odyssey

How to get Lion's Halberd in Arcane Odyssey

Lion’s Halberd is one of the most powerful swords in the Arcane Odyssey. The problem with Lion’s Halberd is that a lot of players do not know how to find it. On top of that, it is guarded by hundreds of enemies that will attack you if they see you. I’ll share my experience and insights on obtaining one of the most powerful swords in the game. This weapon is truly worth the effort, so let’s dive into the details.

Steps to get Lion’s Halberd in Arcane Odyssey

Go to Sarah’s Lodge

Navigating to Fort Talos

The adventure begins at Sarah’s Lodge. From this starting point, set your sights on the mysterious and dangerous Fort Talos. Keep in mind that this island fortress is guarded by a formidable force of 2,000 men, so proceed with caution!

Navigating to Fort Talos

As you approach Fort Talos, be mindful of the potential threats that lie ahead. Cannons might be fired in your direction, and the occasional shark attack can prove to be a significant obstacle. Despite these challenges, don’t be deterred – the Arcane Odyssey has just begun!

Uncovering the Secret Passage

To avoid being spotted by the enemy, navigate around the rocky area at the back of the island. There, you’ll discover a hidden entrance that leads to a secret sewer area. This covert passage is your ticket to infiltrating Fort Talos and getting closer to the coveted sword.

Go to Sewers

Once you’re inside the sewers, follow the path through a small crack and make a right turn. Time is of the essence, as soldiers may be lurking around every corner. Follow my instructions carefully: go straight, then turn right, followed by a left. Continue straight, take another left, and you’ll soon find yourself at a set of double doors on the right.

Defeat Boss That Guards Lion’s Halberd

Prepare yourself for the challenge that awaits behind those double doors. The boss that guards the sword is no pushover. As a fellow player, I recommend assessing your own abilities before taking on this formidable opponent. If you’re confident in your skills, you can attempt the battle solo. However, if you feel you might need backup, gather some allies to aid you in this epic confrontation.

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