How to get mounts in Anime Weapon Simulator

How to get mounts in Anime Weapon Simulator

There are three different mounts available in Anime Weapon Simulator. With the help of mounts, you will be able to travel faster and farther. So if you are serious about the game, you have to get at least one mount, it will help you a lot with your progression and save you so much time. So in this guide, we will cover all the free mounts that you can get in Anime Weapon Simulator.

If you’re not strong enough, it will be challenging to get the mounts. It will take you a lot of time to defeat them. So make sure that you have decent weapons and level up your character and use all Anime Weapon Simulator codes.

The Treasure Fan Mount

The Treasure Fan mount is a unique mount that can be found in the Naruto world. To obtain it, you need to defeat a boss multiple times. Although the drop rate is not guaranteed, it’s relatively easy to obtain. It will take you between 5 to 10 minutes to get it, depending on how lucky you are.

Summer Soul 

The second mount that we will discuss is found in the One Piece world. Like the Treasure Fan mount, you need to kill a boss to obtain it. However, this mount took me slightly longer to obtain. It took me around 10–15 minutes after killing the boss to get the mount. The drop rate is not guaranteed, so it may take you longer or shorter depending on your luck.

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The Summer Cloud Mount

The Summer Cloud mount is the fastest in Anime Weapon Simulator. However, it’s also the most challenging mount to obtain. You need to be strong enough to kill a boss simply because it has a lot of hp and it will be a slow process if you do not have strong weapons.

It took me around 15 to 30 minutes after killing the boss to get the mount. Like the other mounts, the drop rate is not guaranteed. At the end of the day, it all depends on how lucky you are but you will be able to get all mounts.

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