How to get Mushrooms in Creatures of Sonaria Guide

How to get Mushrooms in Creatures of Sonaria Guide

Mushrooms are one of the most important currencies in the Creatures of Sonaria. You will need a lot of them, so it is important to know how to get them so you can get some strong creatures and progress faster. This guide will provide you with unique strategies to earn Mushrooms fast. So, let’s dive in and explore the world of Creatures of Sonaria together! Do not forget check out Creatures of Sonaria tier list.

How to get Mushrooms

Traditionally, there are several ways to earn Mushrooms in Creatures of Sonaria. You might have tried visiting the trading world to exchange items or collecting Mushrooms by merely playing the game. Others may have looked forward to daily rewards or even considered buying Mushrooms using Robux. While these methods work, we have discovered a fantastic alternative that requires less effort on your part: AFK farming.

AFK Farming

AFK (Away From Keyboard) farming has become increasingly popular among Creatures of Sonaria players, as it allows you to earn Mushrooms while doing other tasks or even sleeping! The trick to successful AFK farming is selecting the right type of creature to use. Ideally, you’ll want a creature that requires minimal attention. There are two categories of creatures that fit the bill: aquatic creatures and photovores.

Aquatic Creatures

When it comes to AFK farming, aquatic creatures hold a significant advantage. By selecting a creature with a high appetite, you can ensure that it doesn’t need to eat as often, allowing you to stay away from the game for longer periods. Creatures such as Chamai or Axo are excellent choices for this purpose.

Additionally, aquatic creatures are known for their ability to survive with little difficulty. Hiding your creature behind seaweed can make it challenging for other players to spot, reducing the chances of it being killed.


Another option for AFK farming is using photovores, creatures that only need water to survive. Shiraio and Kiwi are two popular choices among Creatures of Sonaria players. The size of the creature doesn’t matter too much, but smaller creatures like Kiwi can be more challenging for opponents to notice, giving you an added layer of security.

Setting Up Your AFK Farming System

Now that you’ve chosen your ideal creature for AFK farming, it’s time to set up the system. You’ll need a laptop or desktop computer, a paperweight or something similar to hold down the “E” key, and auto clicker software. Join a private server, and then follow these steps:

  • Choose your photovore while playing.
  • Search for a location with a roof, like a volcanic eruption area, to provide protection.
  • Start your auto clicker and place the paperweight on the “E” key.
  • This way, your photovore will continuously drink water and earn Mushrooms in the background while you attend to other tasks or even sleep!

For shorter AFK farming sessions, you can simply choose a creature with a high appetite and hide it in an inconspicuous location. This method will allow you to leave your game unattended for up to 30 minutes at a time.

So, how much can you expect to earn from this AFK farming method? Creatures of Sonaria awards players five Mushrooms every two minutes. This means you can potentially earn 150 Mushrooms per hour. Let’s say you sleep for six hours each day while AFK farming; that’s an impressive 900 Mushrooms! If you consistently use this method every night, you’ll accumulate thousands of Mushrooms within just a few weeks, all while putting in almost no effort.


AFK farming is a game-changer for Creatures of Sonaria enthusiasts looking to collect Mushrooms more efficiently. By selecting the right creature and setting up a smart farming system, you can enjoy the rewards of this fantastic method without devoting too much time and effort.

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