How to Get the Crypt Kit in Roblox BedWars

How to Get the Crypt Kit in Roblox BedWars

Roblox BedWars is a fun game that has a lot of in-game features and items. One of them is the Crypt Kit that is a lot of players are looking at how to get. The reason is that Crypt Kit is one of the best kits in BedWars. So in this guide, you will find all info about Crypt Kit and how to get it in BedWars. It will take you some time but with effort, you will eventually get it. Do not forget

Accessing Crypt Trials in the Q Area

To get the Crypt kit, you need to play Crypt trials. To access the Crypt trials, you need to go to the Q area in the game. Once you’re in the Q area, look for the Crypt trials option and click on it.

Understanding Keys and How to Conserve Them

Crypt trials require keys to play. You start with four keys, but you lose one key every time you play. However, there is a way to conserve your keys. If you play with your friends, only the party leader will use a key, and everyone else can play for free. Additionally, every hour you’re in the end game, you get one key. So, if you lose all four keys, you can wait for an hour to get another one.

Solving the Clues

In Crypt trials, you need to solve clues to progress through the game. The first clue is a sword, the second clue is a hat, and the third clue is a fish. The clues spawn randomly, but the first sword always spawns on a rock. You need to find all the clues to progress to the next level.

Navigating the Maze

Once you have solved all the clues, you will enter a maze. In the maze, one player is chosen as the maze guide, and they must lead the rest of the players to the end of the maze. The maze guide is relatively safe, but the other players need to avoid the monsters that can be found in the maze.

Completing the Obby

After completing the maze, you will enter the Obby. The Obby is a series of transparent blocks that disappear and reappear. You need to navigate the blocks without falling into the rising smoke. Obby has a time limit, so you need to be quick.

Surviving the Boulder Run

Once you complete the Obby, you need to cross the street to reach the final boss. The street is filled with boulders that you need to avoid. The boulders are timed, so you need to time your jumps carefully to avoid getting hit.

Defeating the Final Boss

The final boss is tough, but you can beat it with a bit of strategy. The boss has several attacks, including skull attacks, wall attacks, and a strange attack that does three damage per tick. You need to dodge the attacks and shoot the boss to deal damage.

The boss also has two platforms, and you need to stand on the correct platform to avoid getting hit. If you are struggling to complete Crypt Trials, especially the last part then make sure that you watch some awesome guides on youtube.

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