How to get Tokens in Fruit Warriors

How to get Tokens in Fruit Warriors

Tokens in Fruit Warriors are extremely important currencies that you need to have. You will use them at fruit merchants to get some rare and powerful fruits. We all know how important fruits are and that they are boosting your power drastically, so in this guide, we will cover all ways how to get tokens in Fruit Warriors. 

Two Ways to Get Tokens in Fruit Warriors

Ways to Get Tokens in Fruit Warriors

There are currently two ways to get tokens in Fruit Warriors. We’ll be discussing both of these methods in detail.

Buying Tokens in the Shop

The first way to get tokens is by buying them in the shop for Robux. This method is easy, but it is pay-to-win and is expensive. For 10 tokens, you’ll need almost 600 Robux. We do not recommend buying this but if you have extra Robux and need fruits then feel free to purchase tokens from a shop. 

Defeating Bosses to Get Tokens

The second way to get tokens is by defeating bosses. Currently, there are only two bosses in the Fruit Warriors that can drop tokens: Smoker and Arlong. The smoker can be found on an island where the clowns are.

Arlong can be found in an arena on the right side of the starter island. Defeating them is hard, and you will not be able to defeat them as a new player. The rewards that they are giving are extremely good, so try to defeat them as much as you can. When you defeat them they can drop one to three tokens.

Tips for Defeating Bosses and Acquiring Tokens

Smoker and Arlong to acquire tokens is not as easy as most players think. So here are some tips that will help you in defeating them. 

  • Make sure you have a strong team and the best fruit
  • Try to attack the bosses from a distance to avoid taking too much damage.
  • Bring healing items so you can heal yourself
  • Be patient and don’t rush your attacks.
  • Practice your character and damage output

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