How to Make A Gamepass in Roblox Pls Donate

How to Make A Gamepass in Roblox Pls Donate

Starting on your game development journey and wish to monetize your creation? A game pass is an effective method. Let’s get started. Firstly, the door to your monetizing journey is the Roblox website.

Grab your computer or laptop, open your preferred web browser, and type in ‘’. It should lead you to the official Roblox homepage. If you’re already a member of this community, proceed to log into your Roblox account. New to the world? Sign up, it’s quick!

Navigating the Roblox Website:

Initiating the Gamepass Creation Process

Once you’re on the homepage, your eyes should trace to the top menu. Amidst the various options, you’ll see the word “create”. A simple click on this will redirect you to the heart of game development: the “Creations” section within Roblox Creator.

Here’s where things get a tad more detailed. Dive into the “experience” section. Every Roblox user, irrespective of when they’ve joined, owns a place by default. Your mission? Select it.

Initiating the Gamepass Creation Process:

Initiating the Gamepass Creation

With your place selected, your next stop is the menu on the left. Within this menu, you’ll find “Associated items”. Think of this section as the wardrobe of your game, holding all the items linked to your place. Among these items is the golden ticket: the “passes” option.

Clicking on this will reveal another option, aptly named “create a pass”. Click on it. It will prompt you to upload an image. This isn’t just any image. This represents your game pass, and players will see it when they come across your game pass stand.

Make it count. Additionally, naming your game pass is essential. This name isn’t just a label; it’s an identity. It’s what players will remember, so choose wisely.

Finalizing the Gamepass Creation:

Did you think we were done? There’s another optional, yet impactful step ahead. You can enrich your game pass with a description. This isn’t mandatory, but if you want your audience to understand the value behind your pass, it’s a recommended step. Once satisfied, a final click on “create” will solidify your game pass’s presence in Roblox.

Pricing Your Gamepass:

After birthing your game pass into existence, it’s time to attach value. Navigate back to your game pass. On the left, you’ll find an option labeled “sales”. Here, you determine the worth of your hard work.

A toggle switch awaits your action to list the game pass for sale. But wait, how much should you charge? Whatever amount you deem fit, remember that Roblox takes a small share of 30%. For instance, price it at 10 Robux, and 7 Robux will make its way to your virtual wallet. Ensure you save your set price.

List of the steps in order to create a game pass in Pls Donate

  1. Open a Web Browser: Navigate to ‘’ and log into your account.
  2. Access the Creation Hub: From the top menu, click on “create” to enter the “Creations” section.
  3. Select Your Game: In the “experience” section, choose your default place.
  4. Begin Gamepass Creation: Navigate to “Associated items” on the left menu and then select “passes.”
  5. Configure Gamepass Details: Click on “create a pass”, upload an image for the game pass, and assign a name.
  6. Add Descriptive Touch: Optionally, provide a description for your game pass.
  7. Finalize Creation: Confirm your details and click on “create.”
  8. Set Your Price: Re-access your game pass, go to “sales”, set a price, and remember that Roblox retains 30% of it.
  9. Activate Gamepass Sale: Toggle the sale switch on and save your pricing settings.
  10. Post-Creation Steps: Wait for image moderation, then integrate the game pass into your game using the “please donate” option.

Post-Creation Steps:

The creation process might be over, but there are a few more checkpoints ahead. After setting up your game pass, there’s a brief waiting period. Why? Every image goes through a meticulous moderation process to ensure Roblox remains a safe space for all. Once approved, your game pass image will proudly display in the “associated items” section. But there’s one more action-packed step. Launch Roblox, find the “please donate” option in your game, and claim your stand for the game pass. Here’s a small tip: the “E” button on your keyboard is your best friend here.

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