How to sell Art in Starving Artists guide

How to sell Art in Starving Artists guide

Starving Artists is a game where players can sell and purchase different art. What is great about Starving Artists is that you can earn thousands of Robux if you are good at creating art. The problem is that a lot of players don’t know how to sell art efficiently. So in this guide, we will guide you through selling your art on Starving Artists. 

Creating Art

Claim Your Booth

To start selling your artwork in Starving Artists, the first thing you need to do is claim a booth. Once you’ve found an available spot, claim it as your own and prepare to showcase your art for the world to see.

Unleash Your Creativity

Next, it’s time to create your unique piece of art. Choose a canvas and let your imagination run wild. Use the game’s tools and features to create something that truly reflects your artistic style, whether it’s a sad face, a colorful landscape, or a bold abstract design. The possibilities are endless!

Name and Finish Your Artwork

Once you’ve completed your masterpiece, give it a fitting name that captures its essence. Finish up the process, and you’re ready to add it to your booth.

Display Your Art for Sale

Now that you’ve named your artwork, head to an empty canvas in your booth. Hold the “E” key to add your art, select the piece you want to display, and choose a price that reflects its value.

Selling Your Artwork for Roblox

Link Your Roblox Avatar

To sell your artwork for Roblox, you’ll need to link it to your Roblox avatar. Doing so ensures that the Roblox platform recognizes the connection between your in-game art and your virtual character.

Create a Shirt or T-Shirt in Roblox

Head to the Roblox platform and create either a shirt or a t-shirt that features your unique design. Upload the image you want to use and configure the item for sale. Set the price according to your preference, making sure it’s competitive yet fair for your target audience.

Add Your Roblox ID to Your Artwork

To connect your Roblox shirt or t-shirt to your Starving Artists artwork, locate the ID number on the item’s details page. Copy this number and paste it into the corresponding field within the game. Enter the same price as you set on the Roblox platform, and you’re all set!

Sit Back and Watch the Sales Roll In

With everything in place, your artwork is now listed for sale in Starving Artists. Keep an eye on your booth and watch as interested buyers flock to your unique creations, earning you Roblox profit along the way.

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