How to trade Pets in Pet Simulator X 

How to trade Pets in Pet Simulator X 

Pet Simulator X is a popular game, and there are a huge number of pets available that you can trade. The problem is that not all pets have the same value, so trading can be hard. Sometimes you will gain a lot of profit from trading while sometimes you will lose. So in this guide, we will cover how to trade in Pet Simulator X so you can get a profit. 

The most important tip when it comes to trading is to check and keep track of the values of pets. There are a lot of sources where you can check out the pet value list. One of the most accurate is the Pet Simulator X discord server. There you will find players who are trading every day and a lot of lists with values so make sure that you are using it before trading. If you need more gems for trading then you can always redeem all Pet Simulator X codes.

Importance of Trading in Pet Simulator X

Trading is an essential aspect of Pet Simulator X so it is important to know how it works. In Pet Simulator X, players collect and trade pets to earn gems. With the gems that they earn, they can buy better pets or other in-game items. So good trading is key to becoming the best player in the game. 

Trading Tips

Do not stop when profiting

When you’re trading with someone and making a profit that does not mean that you should stop.  Keep trading with them to maximize your profits. Once you do not have anything to trade with them it is time to find a new p[layer for trading. 

Show other pets setting

This setting may not seem important, but it is important if you want to know what pets players have. It can help you find potential trading partners and increase your chances of finding a valuable pet.

Double Check

When you are trading it is important that you double-check all values and calculations. This is extremely important when you’re trading pets that have huge value. So make sure that you double-check before every trade to be sure that you have the right value. 

Trade Backs

A lot of players are doing trade backs especially when they make a mistake in trading or their pets get an increase in value. Problem is that the majority of players will not accept trades back simply because they made a profit. As we already told you, make sure that you double-check before trading valuable pets. 

Borrowing Pets

Borrowing Pets is a great feature, but a risky one. If a player asks you to lend them a pet that is a scam in 99% of cases. So never lend pets to players who you do not know and trust. 

Borrowing pets is common in Pet Simulator X, but it’s important to be cautious. Always read the warnings before sending a pet to someone, and make sure to trust the person you’re borrowing from.

Value List

Value lists can be confusing and don’t always reflect the actual value of a pet. There are a lot of sources where you can check out the Pet Simulator X value list. It is important that you check a few of them because they can have different values or have not been updated for a long time.

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