How To Unlock Cat World in Pet Simulator X

How To Unlock Cat World in Pet Simulator X

Cat world is an excellent place in Pet Simulator X where you will find different things and pets that you can collect. Problem is that a lot of players do not know how to find it and unlock it. So in this guide you will find all the info that you need for the cat world and how to find it in Pet Simulator X. If You are a new player you should definitely redeem all Pet Simulator X codes that will give you a lot of boost and pets so you can progress faster. 

Unlock the Gateway: How to Access the Void

Before you can set foot in Cat World, you’ll first need to unlock the Void. The good news is that the game developers have made it easier for players to access the Void. All you have to do is destroy 10 huge hacker chests. Once you’ve accomplished this task, the gateway to the Void will open, and you’ll be one step closer to discovering the wonders of Cat World.

Entering Cat World

Now that you’ve unlocked the Void, it’s time to head over to World Number 3, where the entrance to Cat World awaits. The best part? There’s no need to purchase access! Simply approach the entrance, click on it, and you’ll be whisked away to Cat World in no time.

Exploring the Wonders of Cat World

Cat World is home to four unique areas, each with its own distinct charm and challenges. But what’s a Pet Simulator X adventure without new pets? Cat World introduces three brand new types of eggs for players to collect, hatch, and nurture. Among these new pets, you’ll find an animated pet and an enormous balloon cat, both of which are sure to become fan favorites.

I’ve personally enjoyed exploring each of the new areas and discovering the various pets that Cat World has to offer. The animated pet is not only adorable but also a valuable companion in the game.

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