How To Unlock New Spells in Arcane Odyssey

How To Unlock New Spells in Arcane Odyssey

Arcane Odyssey, you know that magic is an essential aspect of the game. But despite its importance, many players don’t fully understand how to unlock and upgrade their magical abilities. This comprehensive guide aims to help you unlock the full potential of your magic in Arcane Odyssey by explaining the ins and outs of magic levels, spells, and skill points. So, let’s get started!

Levels and Spells

In Arcane Odyssey, your magic level determines the spells you can access. To view your magic level, look at the bottom left corner of the game interface. You’ll see an “info” tab containing your magic level and other vital information.

There are three main spell tiers in Arcane Odyssey, unlocked at level 30, level 60, and beyond. As a player, it’s crucial to know which spells are available at each level to effectively harness your magical powers. Once you reach a new tier, you’ll be able to create and use more powerful spells in your arsenal.

Unlocking Your Arcane Odyssey Magic with Skill Points

The key to unlocking new magic spells in Arcane Odyssey is by earning and utilizing skill points. When you level up your character, you’ll acquire skill points, which you can then allocate to your magic abilities. Remember, you’ll need to invest 30 skill points in magic to access the first tier of spells, and the requirement increases as you progress.

So, how do you level up and earn those skill points? The most effective methods are completing missions and fighting enemies. Both of these activities will help you gain experience points, level up, and ultimately acquire the skill points needed to unlock new spells.

Maximizing Your Magical Potential in Arcane Odyssey

Now that you know the basics of unlocking magic spells, let’s discuss some tips and tricks to maximize your magic potential in Arcane Odyssey:

Level up quickly: To access more powerful spells, focus on leveling up your character as quickly as possible. Prioritize completing missions and engaging in battles to gain experience points faster.

Balance your skill points: While it’s essential to allocate skill points to magic, don’t forget about your character’s other abilities. Striking a balance between magic and other skills will create a well-rounded character capable of tackling various challenges in the Arcane Odyssey.

Experiment with spells: As you unlock new spells, don’t be afraid to experiment and find the ones that best suit your playstyle. Each player’s approach to Arcane Odyssey is unique, so discovering the most effective combination of spells for you is crucial.


With this guide, you now have the knowledge to unlock and upgrade your magical abilities in Arcane Odyssey effectively. Remember to level up, allocate skill points wisely, and experiment with different spells to become a formidable mage.

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