How To View Your Roblox Transaction / Purchase History

How To View Your Roblox Transaction Purchase History

Roblox, as many of you might be aware, serves as a vast platform for countless users to enjoy, share, and create games. One crucial aspect that every Roblox player should be familiar with is their purchase history.

This history is a comprehensive record of all your acquisitions, whether those are items you’ve splurged on using real money, things you’ve snatched up with Robux, or even items you’ve simply picked up for free. Familiarizing oneself with this purchase history can help maintain clarity about past transactions and monitor Robux expenditure.

Accessing Purchase History: Pre-requisites

Accessing Purchase History

Before you dive into the steps, it’s essential to understand the tools you’ll need. The first key point here is the necessity of a web browser. Why, you ask? The Roblox mobile app, unfortunately, doesn’t offer the feature of viewing your purchase history. So, pulling up your preferred web browser is the way to go.

And yes, if you’re thinking of using your smartphone, that works too, provided you’re accessing Roblox through the browser and not the app. Another non-negotiable is ensuring you’re logged into your Roblox account. Without this, your transaction history remains out of reach.

Step-by-step Guide for Accessing Purchase History on Roblox Website

Alright, ready to get started? Let’s walk through this, step by step:

  1. Fire up your browser – Start with opening your choice of web browser and head over to It’s the home ground of all things Roblox.
  2. Opt for Browser Experience – If a prompt pops up suggesting you switch to an app or anything similar, simply select the “continue in browser” option. Stay on the web version.
  3. Log-in Time – If you’re not automatically logged in, input your Roblox account credentials. Your account dashboard should now be on display.
  4. Navigate to Robux Details – Direct your attention to the top right corner. You should spot the ‘Robux’ icon. Give that a click. Here, you’ll see the current state of your Robux riches. But wait, there’s more!
  5. Dive Deeper with My Transactions – On the same Robux summary page, there should be a tab labeled ‘my transactions’. It’s here that you’ll uncover a goldmine of information, presenting a detailed chronological list of every purchase you’ve made on the platform.

Accessing Purchase History on Mobile Devices

If you’re more of a smartphone person, don’t fret. The process to access your purchase history is nearly identical to the desktop version, but with the comfort of your mobile screen.

  1. Open Mobile Browser – Grab your smartphone and open your preferred mobile web browser.
  2. Visit Roblox Website – Type in This should land you on the mobile version of the Roblox site.
  3. Follow Steps from Desktop Guide – Now, simply mimic the steps listed in the desktop guide above. From logging in to clicking on the Robux icon, the mobile web version offers a similar experience, ensuring consistency across devices.

Exploring the My Transactions Page

Once you’ve landed on the ‘My Transactions’ page, take a moment to explore. It’s not just a bland list; it offers various insights and filters for your convenience.

Browse Different Sections: Notice sections labeled “current purchases” and “past purchases”? These segments divide your transaction details, helping you differentiate recent acquisitions from older ones.

Detailed Overview: Beyond just a list of items, you’ll spot a dropdown menu, offering a closer look at specific transaction periods and types. The convenience doesn’t end there. You can also utilize the date range option to sift through transactions over specific durations. However, it’s worth noting that this retrospective journey has a cap – you can only travel back to view the past year’s transactions.

Limitations and Additional Support

While the transaction page is robust and insightful, it does come with its limitations. As noted, your historical deep dive is restricted to a year. So what about those transactions that happened way back, over a year ago? In such scenarios, the Roblox Customer Support team comes to the rescue. If you need details beyond the past year, reaching out to them would be your best bet.

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