King Legacy Gems Farming Guide

King Legacy Gems Farming Guide

Sea beast farming is one of the most effective ways to earn gems in King Legacy. You will have to kill sea beasts and loot their chests in order to get gems. There are three tiers of chests and each one of them will give different amounts of gems.

Tier one chests give four gems, tier two chests give five gems, and tier three chests give fifteen gems. This method is not the fastest but is 100% worth your time, especially if you are doing server hopping. We also have a King Legacy tier list that will help you a lot of you are a new player.

Kaido Raids

Kaido raids are currently the best and fastest way to earn gems in King Legacy. Kaido is a boss that has five million health and does massive damage. What is great about this boss is that when you defeat him you will get a lot of gems.

It is hard and almost impossible to kill this boss alone so you will need the help of other players. So join the Discord server and groups where players are teaming up. With a good team, you will be able to do this boss every 5 min and earn an insane amount of gems. 


With codes, you will not earn a lot of gems but codes are the easiest way to earn gems in King Legacy. There are a lot of different King Legacy codes available for the game. When you enter them you will receive gems, fruits, and other rewards. They are not that often so always pay attention to official King Legacy social media for new codes. 

Golden Arenas

Golden arenas are a decent way to earn gems but a lot of players do not like them. If someone dies they cannot respawn, and it will take you a lot of time to finish the golden arena. Some players will even die at the start so they can be afk. So try to find a good group that is strong to speed up gem farming in the golden arena. 

Oden Raid

Oden raid involves defeating a boss named Hell Sword, who only spawns every three to four hours. He is a strong boss who takes a lot of time to kill. On top of that, he will give you only five gems.

Tips and Tricks for Maximizing Gem Earnings

Server Hopping

Server hopping is an essential technique for earning gems in King Legacy quickly. It involves joining different servers to find bosses or sea beasts that are up so you can start fighting them immediately.

Finding Strong Teammates

Having strong teammates is essential for completing raids quickly and efficiently. There are a lot of different Roblox groups and servers where you will find strong players who are willing to farm gems with you. It will save you so much time having a strong group of players.

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