Pet Simulator X Daycare Guide

Pet Simulator X Daycare Guide

Pet Simulator X is a popular game with one great feature and that is daycare. Daycare allows players to get fantastic rewards while their pets are enrolled. In this in-depth guide, we will explore the daycare feature in Pet Simulator X and share insights on how to make the most of it. If you need more gems make sure that you check out our Pet Simulator X gem guide and redeem all Pet Simulator X codes where you can get free gems and gems boosts. 

The Daycare Feature

The daycare feature in Pet Simulator X is more than just a place for your pets to hang out; it’s a powerful tool that can provide you with great rewards. To access the daycare, go to the spawn area and look for the daycare building. Once you’ve located it, you can enroll your pets and start reaping the benefits.

Enrolling Pets

Pet Simulator X daycare enroll

In Pet Simulator X, the daycare allows you to enroll multiple pets, which increases the rewards you can receive. Different pets yield different rewards, so it’s crucial to choose your pets wisely. The more pets you enroll, the higher the rewards you’ll get. Keep in mind that while your pets are in daycare, they will be temporarily removed from your inventory and cannot be used during gameplay.

The Rewards System

The daycare in Pet Simulator X offers various rewards, including diamonds and special items. Additionally, there’s a low percentage chance of obtaining rare items, making the daycare feature even more appealing. The type and amount of rewards depend on the pets you enroll, so remember to use the best pets you have for maximum rewards.

Daycare Restrictions and Limitations

Unfortunately, not all pets can be enrolled in the daycare. Huge pets are not eligible, so make sure to choose pets that meet the daycare requirements. While it may seem disappointing at first, this restriction encourages players to strategize and consider which pets will provide the best rewards.

Claim Your Rewards and Boost Pet Progress

Once your pets have been in daycare for a set amount of time, you can claim your rewards. One of the best features of the daycare in Pet Simulator X is that your pets will continue to work for you, even when you’re not in the game. If you’re online, your pets will progress three times faster, allowing you to claim rewards more quickly.

To further enhance the daycare feature in Pet Simulator X, you can upgrade the daycare to accommodate more pets. With an upgraded daycare, you can enroll up to 20 pets, leading to even higher rewards. It’s a worthy investment that will pay off in the long run.


The daycare feature in Pet Simulator X is an invaluable tool that can significantly boost your rewards and overall gaming experience. By enrolling your pets, upgrading your daycare, and claiming your rewards, you’ll be well on your way to mastering the daycare system. So, go ahead and experiment with the daycare feature, and watch your rewards grow!

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