Roblox Review

Roblox Review

Have you heard the buzz in your town about Roblox? And you’re here to check the specialty of this game. Well, you’re at the right place as you will learn everything about Roblox you’re seeking to know before you start playing it. 

Roblox can be one confusing yet interestingly adventurous and attractive game. However, parents don’t seem to get the popularity of this game among youngsters. However, despite their concern for their kid, they’re happy about the safety concerns alongside the fun Roblox fulfills.

Several rumors, fake stories about Roblox, and improper advice rife over social media often mislead the crowd about Roblox. But there is so much more to it than you already know!

What is Roblox?

Roblox is the product of amateur game creators. It is an online game curating system. The amateurs use simple tools to make these game content and publish it online. It also implies that the creators can test different ideas without any commercial funding.

The official company name launching the game is Roblox Corporation, and it was founded by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel in 2004. However, the game was released in 2006, hosting multiple genres of games.

The amateur creators make these games for children worldwide to play. It can be multiplayer or played single on your phone, tablet, or the web browser on your PC.

Roblox is more of a fantasy game that takes the youth’s imagination to another level. It can also be said that it offers a shape to your imagination. If you begin as a single player on the Roblox platform, it can slowly transform into a group play when more of your friends decide to join in.

The best part about this online game is the creators can spontaneously change the demands and update the game according to the gaming community’s requirements. It is one of the reasons why Roblox is so popular in the market. 

Moreover, players can compete against other players worldwide and maintain a vast community of Roblox players. It is the absolute platform for youngsters to have fun alongside learning something out of it in practical life, and that’s strategy!

How to Get Roblox

Getting started with Roblox is free. You can simply hit their official website and register yourself there. Roblox is available on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Xbox One. However, we are still looking if it will be available on PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Reviews say that several players have been able to play some creations of Roblox via the system’s browser. However, the situations are different now. 

Now, you can download Roblox from their official website or the Windows Store if you play on your PC’s browser. Other options are mobile-friendly games to play by downloading them from Play Store or App Store. Additionally, the game is downloadable for free. But you can sign-up for in-app purchases if you want to seek the full benefits of the game. That sets you on a full-ride of its fun!

Roblox In-Game Purchases

Yes, Roblox is a free game. But also, it does come along with in-app purchases. It means that kids playing this game are incentivized to spend real money to buy products of the game. These products are outfits for players within the game. 

The best way to ensure your security while entering these games for making purchases is to keep your credit cards password-protected. This way, you protect your credit cards from unauthorized access. Parents should be straightforward with their kids about the commercial side of these games.

Roblox works completely fine even without those purchases. But if you are into it, you’d seek the additional benefits these purchases would bring to the players. And also, this is how the makers benefit from these games.


Fun and Creative

Roblox is an adventurous and fun platform of resources for players. You can play all of the games within Roblox online with other players in the community. 


Roblox safeguards access for children below the age of 13 by imposing automatic restrictions, while those above 13 have optional restrictions.

Developers Can Use Lua Coding Language 

Beginners or amateur developers use the Lua coding language, which eases the task of coding. It makes Roblox coding a simple pathway to learning. Lua coding is a universal language used to develop several business apps, games, and more.

Roblox Helps Developers Inculcate Additional Tech Skills

Developers learn transferrable tech skills. These tech skills help enhance their STEM experiences. Using these skills, the developers can make video games and use them for database and web programming. Loops, arrays, methods, and debugging are other subjects of benefit.

Enhances the Chances of Growing as an Entrepreneur

Roblox helps students become entrepreneurs. Amateur developers or beginners with utmost interest in this field can learn to create games, sell in-game upgrades, and whatnot. 


Amateur Developers’ Creation

Although it is a game made by amateur developers and is still top-notch, pro-level gamers can be disappointed with the graphics. They may expect additional features the game does not yet have.

Safety Concerns

Being an online multiplayer game, Roblox poses a threat of adult content, swearing, and pornography. Therefore, it may require strict restrictions and parental controls for underaged children.

Safety Concerns with Roblox

Several parents are worried about exposing their children to Roblox. But kids love the game, especially teenagers. However, the game belongs to an online multiplayer category and can pose some potential threats. Therefore, you need to be precautionary while you let your kids play the game.

Familiarizing with the Parental Controls

Understanding parental controls should be the foremost step before allowing children to play any game. It ensures the safety of the children – parents must make this a priority. 

Additionally, if you are a parent, you can sit along with your kid and play the game to check if it is appropriate for them. However, know that not all parental controls are perfect.

Use Parental Controls 

Parental controls to prevent your child from threats like cyber scams or adult content can help to a great extent. As much as children love this game, their parents should be mindful of locking their children’s accounts to avoid interacting with strangers.

Turn off the option for in-app or in-game chats or phone number visibility to prevent kids’ interaction with strangers. It keeps them on the safer side. Roblox has offered these features keeping the safety concerns of parents for their children. 

The developers of Roblox also realize the possibilities of potential threats and have added the necessary features and settings for the best interests.

Here’s how Roblox enables you to set parental controls.

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click on the gear icon and then on Settings.
  3. Click on Privacy.
  4. Make the required changes to the Contact Settings and Other Settings pages.
  5. You have options like Friends or no one for children below the age of 13. There are additional options in the menu for children above 13.

Roblox Monetizing

Developers have the opportunity of selling items, cosmetics, or avatars via the game. Different game stories are introduced in the fantasy land of Roblox. Developers can exchange these characters for in-app currency, Robux. 

Once the game made it to the hits and gained the popularity of the masses, it started to chip in the profits in no time. Research says that over 1,250 developers have earned a minimum of $10,000 of Robux in 2020, 300 developers have earned $100,000, and the statistics keep showing an upward trend.

Other developers can also get associated with Roblox to share their games. However, be mindful that Roblox takes about 73% of revenue from players and leaves only 27% to the developers to convert Robux into real money.

You should know that the 73% cut in revenue is higher than the 30% taken by Apple and Google from their app stores and the 12% cut taken by Epic Games from its store. However, Roblox will deduct only a smaller percentage if you spend more on its ecosystem. By ecosystem, it implies the various in-app ads.


While you are now aware of the various features Roblox offers you, it’s dark and bright sides, you have a clear option of what to do next. As long as Roblox is a fun platform for children, it is also an educational base.

It teaches the art of strategizing and its importance. Moreover, developers and engineers are reaping extensive benefits from this game. Thousands of students learn programming from this game and have prospered so far.

Team Roblox has also launched safety initiatives such as parental controls to protect kids from unauthorised sites and cyber scams. Additionally, the Trust and Safety Advisory Board backs up these safety measures by Roblox.

Therefore, when you are searching for a fun and interesting game, you know which game to hit up!

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