Sword Fighters Simulator Best Battle Pass

Sword Fighters Simulator Best Battle Pass

Sword Fighters Simulator has a lot of different battle passes that you can purchase. Each battle pass is unique and will give you various benefits. The problem is that there are 12 of them and not all of them are good. So this guide will explain all battle passes and what is the best in Sword Fighters Simulator. Do not forget to redeem all Sword Fighters Simulator codes that will give you free items.

Best Battle Passes in Sword Fighters Simulator

Sword Fighters Simulator Best Battle Pass

Dual Wield

Dual Wield is the best battle pass in Sword Fighters Simulator because it allows you to use 2 weapons at the same time. It will drastically improve your damage and you will be able to progress faster. Dual Wield is the most sold battle pass simply because it is too good.

Extra Pets

With the Extra Pets game pass you can have eight pets which will drastically increase your power. Because you will be able to deal more damage means that you will progress faster and more efficiently through the game. 

Auto Swing and Lucky

Auto Swing and Lucky are decant battle passes. Auto Swing will automatically attack you, which is great if you are playing on your phone. Lucky gives you better odds of hatching rare and epic pets. 


Teleport is an inexpensive game pass at 99 Robux that will allow you to teleport on the map. You can teleport from one place to another on the map making it easier to get around and participate in dungeons and other events.


VIP is a game pass that gives you access to VIP chests and a 20% discount on egg opening. You can also get 10 Arcane Shards every 12 hours, and a 45-minute coin boost. 

Two Times Coin

Two Times Coin doubles the number of coins you receive every time you kill an enemy. This is not a great battle pass because you are able to farm coins really fast. There are better battle passes that you can get. 

Multi-Open and Fast Open

Multi-Open allows you to open three eggs at once, while Fast Open lets you open eggs more quickly. This is not that great. 

Super Lucky

Super Luck gives you a better chance of hatching legendary pets and getting legendary weapons. Keep in mind that Super Luck and Luck stack, so you will drastically increase your chance of getting rare items. 

Ultra Lucky

Ultra Lucky is one of the most expensive game passes at 1499 Robux. It offers a significant permanent boost to your luck stat, which can help with hatching rare and epic pets. The problem is that it is too expensive and not worth getting. 

Magic Drops

Magic Drops is another expensive game pass at 2,500 Robux. It gives you enchants every time you defeat an enemy. It is not worth getting this game pass. It is too bad when you compare the price and what it will give you. 


We recommend that players invest in the Dual Wield and Extra Pets game passes first. These passes will give you the most boost and power, so you can progress through the game faster. Auto Swing is a great pass if you are playing on mobile, but if you are on PC, do not get it.

You can get luck passes if you have extra Robux, but just do not get Ultra Luck and Magic Drops because they are expensive and not worth getting when you compare the price and benefits that they will give you. 

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