Toilet Tower Defense Tier List: Best Units

Toilet Tower Defense Tier List Best Units

Welcome to our Toilet Tower Defense tier list guide, designed to help you make the best decisions in choosing the right units to invest your time and resources. In Toilet Tower Defense, a well-balanced unit is essential for achieving success, and our guide will provide valuable insights into each unit’s strengths, weaknesses, and how they perform throughout the game.

As a fellow player, I can assure you that understanding the potential of each unit will lead to more victories and a more enjoyable gaming experience.

Overview of unit in Toilet Tower Defense

Every unit in Toilet Tower Defense is unique, with varying degrees of cooldown (CD), damage, rarity, and power. Some units dominate the game, while others will not perform that well. The key to success is knowing which units are worth your time and energy.

Our comprehensive tier list will help you identify the best and worst units, allowing you to make informed decisions based on your in-game progress, goals, available units, and play style. Make sure that you redeem all Toilet Tower Defense codes because they will help you upgrade your units. 

Tier System and Grades

To help you navigate the vast array of Toilet Tower Defense units, we’ve established a tier system with five distinct grades:

  • Tier S – Overpowered: These units dominate in almost every aspect of the game
  • Tier A – Balanced: While not as dominant as Tier S units, these individuals are still highly effective.
  • Tier B – Slightly Underpowered: These units may struggle in some areas but can still be valuable if used strategically.
  • Tier C – Underpowered: It’s best to avoid investing in these units, as their performance is significantly lacking.
  • Tier D – The Worst: Steer clear of these units; they will only hold you back in your quest for success.

Toilet Tower Defense Tier List

NameTier Rating
Mech CameramanS
Titan TVmenS
Titan CameramanS
Engineer CameramanS
Scientist CameramanS
Titan CinemamanS
Dark SpeakermanS
Jetpack CameramanS
Laser Cameraman CarS
Titan SpeakermanS
Ninja CameramanA
Secret AgentA
Medic CameramanA
Large CameramanA
TV WomanB
Camera HelicopterB
Surveillance CamerawomanB
Large TV ManB
Large Scientist CameramanC
Speaker HelicopterC
Large SpeakermanC

Ninja Cameraman

The Ninja Cameraman is a legendary unit that should be on your radar, particularly if you’re new to the game. A bargain at an initial cost of just 200 in-game coins, it provides a solid foundation for your defense strategy.

One of the key benefits of this unit is its potential for significant upgrades, enhancing its damage, attack speed, and range. With a 2% summon chance using a game pass and a 1% chance without, obtaining this unit may require some grind. But once acquired, it can be a game-changer.

Engineer Cameraman

On the support end of the spectrum, the Engineer Cameraman shines. Though it is a rare unit, it can be a crucial addition to your defensive lineup. Its ability to spawn a tank with an electromagnetic parasite-disabling function is noteworthy.

The tank brings a massive 30,000 health to the table, in addition to its 2,000 damage-per-second laser. If you’re lucky enough to get this unit, it’ll likely be a cornerstone of your strategy.

Medic Cameraman

There are times when your units may get stunned by enemy attacks, and this is where the Medic unit becomes indispensable. The ability to remove stun effects from your other units is vital for maintaining a strong defense. If you’re playing in a group, having at least one player with a Medic unit can make a significant difference.

Laser Cameraman Car

For early game survival, the Cameraman Car is your go-to unit. This is an affordable unit that offers respectable damage per second (DPS). Not only does it provide good early game support, but it can also be crucial in surviving the initial waves of enemy attacks, allowing you to save up for more powerful units.

Mech Cameraman

If you’re looking to bring utility to your lineup, consider adding the Mech Cameraman to your team. This unit slows down enemy units, allowing your other units to inflict more damage. With a 1% chance of obtaining, it’s a rare find but highly valuable for both solo and group play.

Repair Drone

Available for purchase in the exclusive unit store for 200 Robux, the Repair Drone takes on the role of a Medic unit but outperforms all others in its class. With an impressive skill set that includes rapid stun removal and parasite elimination, this unit provides invaluable support to your defense line. The Repair Drone also has extended range, making it not just versatile, but also incredibly efficient.

Jetpack Cameraman

Another unit you can acquire for 200 Robux in the exclusive unit store is the Jetpack Cameraman. The prowess of this unit becomes truly evident after wave 10, boasting a damage output of 10,000 per second when fully upgraded.

It has shown its mettle in solo play, even capable of conquering the challenging “Toilet HQ” level on its own. Whether you’re playing solo or with a team, this unit makes for a robust addition to your lineup.

Scientist Cameraman

Designed to increase your early game income, the Scientist Cameraman costs 100 Robux to place. While it may not grant extra income to teammates, it offers a valuable financial cushion for you.

Despite lacking offensive capabilities, it can stun enemies, adding utility to its role. As a piece of advice, focus on this unit for initial income but reserve enough funds to invest in damage-dealing units as well.

Titan Cameraman

If you’re inclined to spend 750 Robux, the Titan Cameraman stands out as an exceptional choice. This Titan-class unit delivers solid damage and has an investment appeal, especially if trading is introduced to the game in the future. Given its potential future value and current strength, it’s a smarter investment compared to other Robux-based options.

About Toilet Tower Defense Tier List

Our Toilet Tower Defense tier list was created through extensive research and testing, including using high-end accounts, assessing each unit under optimal conditions, and consulting with veteran players. While we aim for accuracy, factors such as skill, chance, buffs, and debuffs can influence outcomes, and our tier list is open to debate.

We encourage you to share your thoughts and engage in discussions about unit ratings, as it can only lead to a better understanding of Toilet Tower Defense’s diverse cast.

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