YBA Your Bizarre Adventure Stands Tier List: Best Stands 2023

YBA Ultimate Stands Tier List Best Stands

Also known as YBA, Your Bizarre Adventure from Roblox is yet another game full of skins and skill-based items that are essential for using to be successful. YBA is full of different Stands that are unlocked throughout the game that unlock skills for you to use (moves).

Below, we have put together an updated tier list for Your Bizarre Adventure Stands and the moves they include. This way, we will be able to provide which items you should use more than others to succeed in YBA. 

Your Bizarre Adventure (YBA) Tier List

StandTier RatingType
Beach BoyBArrow
C-MoonSRequiem/Evolved/Over Heaven
Chariot RequiemSRequiem/Evolved/Over Heaven
Crazy DiamondSArrow
Dirty Deed Done Dirt Cheap: Love TrainSRequiem/Evolved/Over Heaven
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt CheapBRib Cage
Gold Experience RequiemSRequiem/Evolved/Over Heaven
Hermit PurpleAArrow
Hierophant GreenAArrow
Killer QueenAArrow
Killer Queen: Bites the DustSRequiem/Evolved/Over Heaven
King CrimsonAArrow
King Crimson RequiemSRequiem/Evolved/Over Heaven
Made in HeavenSRequiem/Evolved/Over Heaven
Magician’s RedAArrow
Mr. PresidentDArrow
Purple HazeBArrow
Red Hot Chili PepperBArrow
Scary MonstersSRib Cage
Silver ChariotAArrow
Silver Chariot RequiemSArrow
Six PistolsBArrow
Star PlatinumAArrow
Star Platinum: The WorldSRequiem/Evolved/Over Heaven
Sticky FingersBArrow
Stone FreeAArrow
The HandSArrow
The WorldAArrow
THE WORLD [Alternate Universe]SRib Cage
The World Over HeavenSRequiem/Evolved/Over Heaven
Tusk Act 1DRib Cage
Tusk Act 2CRequiem/Evolved/Over Heaven
Tusk Act 3BRequiem/Evolved/Over Heaven
Tusk Act 4ARequiem/Evolved/Over Heaven
White AlbumBArrow
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A tier list is merely to help you to know the best and the worst skills, items, or characters in a game. For YBA, we have put together the best Stands starting from S+ as the best and D as the worst. This tier list is based not only on our experience but also on thousands of other gamers’ experiences and opinions. 

S+ Tier | Your Bizarre Adventure

The items and skills below are subject to the S+ and S tier in YBA. Not only are they hard to achieve but they are also extremely useful if you ever acquire them. Below we started from the hardest to drop to the easiest. 

A Tier | Your Bizarre Adventure

The items below are associated with the A tier of YBA and are considered to have higher chances than the S Tier. Although the A tier is not as recognized as the S tier, it still contains some very valuable Stands that are useful in YBA.

B Tier | Your Bizarre Adventure

The B tier is not always considered the best, but it is also not the worst. These have a much higher chance to drop compared to the 5% of the S and A tiers, and we jump up to at least 10.5% with the B tier. These are great Stands that we and other players recommend when playing YBA.

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C & D Tier | Your Bizarre Adventure

Lastly, the C and D tiers of any game tier list are not ever the best or the most recommended to use while playing. We have listed these here though so you are aware of which YBA stands are not as recommended by the community. 

TIP: If you would like to obtain a new stand in YBA you can use an Arrow while having a Worthiness of at least level 1. This grants you a random free Stand!

Types of Stands in YBA | Explained

As you are going through the tier list, you may notice the “types “ of stands that exist. These types are basically the skin group of each Stand that exists within YBA. The three different types of Stands are:

  • Arrow Stands
  • Rib Cage Stands
  • Requiem/Evolved/Over Heaven Stands

Each of these includes different skins and levels of skill that are all different from each other by appearance and functions. 

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