Sea of Thieves All Curses

Sea of Thieves All Curses

Embark on an exhilarating journey through the fantastical world of Sea of Thieves, where pirates roam and hidden treasures await. But beware, for amidst the fun and excitement of this grand adventure, an intriguing challenge awaits – the acquisition of the Sea of Thieves All Curses.

These alluring cosmetic items are highly coveted, altering your pirate’s appearance in truly unique and mystifying ways. Yet, securing these treasures is no simple feat. Brace yourself for hours, sometimes days, of dedicated gameplay to unlock these distinctive prizes.

The Curse of the Order

In the immersive realm of Sea of Thieves, the Curse of the Order holds a distinct place. This enigmatic curse, recognizable by its dark pattern, is said to be caused by using Kraken ink for otherworldly visions. To be granted this entrancing alteration, you must first prove your mettle by earning all commendations for the Cursed Rogue tall tale, part of the Shores of Gold story arc. Repeatedly confront the formidable Captain Briggsy, as you’ll need to complete the tall tale five times. Upon the completion of these trials, the final commendation will materialize, bestowing upon you the coveted Curse of the Order.

The Shores of Gold Curse

How to unlock the Gold Curse in Sea of Thieves

If the lure of gold tickles your pirate fancy, the Shores of Gold Curse will undoubtedly be your target. This curse adorns your pirate with patches of gold akin to the Gold Hoarders’ representatives. Yet, the path to this golden transformation is laden with challenges. You must earn all commendations for each part of the Shores of Gold story arc, encompassing nine tall tales in total. Persistence is key here. Each tall tale must be completed five times, adding up to a grand total of 45 tall tales. A daunting task indeed, but the final commendation that bestows the Shores of Gold Curse is undoubtedly worth the toil.

The Ashen Curse

Unlocking the Ashen Curse

In the world of Sea of Thieves, the Ashen Curse stands out, imbuing your pirate with an appearance reminiscent of a burning ember. This captivating transformation is a reward for earning all commendations for the Heart of Fire tall tale. Unlike other curses, this tall tale is a standalone challenge and can be embarked upon without prerequisite quests. Complete the Heart of Fire tall tale thrice, and the Ashen Curse will set your pirate ablaze.

The Curse of Sunken Sorrow

Unlocking the Curse of Sunken Sorrow

As a recent addition to Sea of Thieves All Curses, the Curse of Sunken Sorrow brings forth an eerie beauty. Adorned with barnacle-like spots, dark purple patches, and ultraviolet streaks, this curse requires you to navigate through the commendations of the Sunken Kingdom. The journey involves sailing to six Siren Shrines scattered across the map, collecting a total of 30 journals hidden within them. Completing the Legend of the Sunken Kingdom voyage will earn you this aquatic marvel.

The Legendary Curse

How to Get the Legendary Curse

Finally, we arrive at the Legendary Curse. This green-eyed marvel, complete with a glowing legendary mark, was originally granted to players achieving a reputation level of 50 with three of the trading companies. Unfortunately, this exclusive item is no longer available if not already in your possession. However, the game developers have hinted at a possible return of this Legendary Curse. Despite the uncertainty, the allure of this elusive prize remains undiminished.

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