The Best Way to Earn Gold in Sea of Thieves

The Best Way to Earn Gold in Sea of Thieves

Welcome, fellow mariners! Uncover the secrets of acquiring riches swiftly in Sea of Thieves, the popular multiplayer pirate game. This guide will reveal three time-tested strategies to Earn Gold in Sea of Thieves, transforming you from a landlubber into a legendary pirate. We’ll explore a range of methods suitable for every risk level, focusing on gold accumulation as swiftly as possible.

Ashen Vaults

Ashen Vaults Sea of Thieves

The Ashen Vaults are a treasure trove waiting to be plundered, offering a low-risk avenue to earn gold in Sea of Thieves. Navigating this route can be a straightforward affair; the key is to keep an eye out for the volcanic eruptions, the sole hazard in this otherwise lucrative method.

Equipped with the knowledge that there are two types of seismic activities in Devil’s Roar – harmless earthquakes and potentially damaging eruptions – you can better prepare your crew. The trick is to observe the volcano. Black smoke is a warning sign of an impending eruption, prompting you to retreat swiftly to your ship. On the other hand, if the ground is merely shaking without any accompanying smoke, you’re safe to continue your quest.

Maximizing your gains from the Ashen Vaults requires a bit of strategy. Having a captain ship is beneficial, allowing you to carry more voyages at a time, but not crucial. Raising the Emissary flag is key, as the focus is solely on hoarding gold. Stack keys until your compass guides you to the treasure-laden islands of Ashen Reaches and Flintlock Keep. This strategy ensures maximum efficiency and minimizes unnecessary sailing, bolstering your gold earnings in Sea of Thieves.

The Fort of the Damned

Fort of the Damned

Venturing into The Fort of the Damned offers a moderate-risk path to earn gold in Sea of Thieves. The journey begins by joining a server hosting an active skeleton fleet, setting you on a thrilling path towards gold accumulation. The skeleton fleet, once defeated, yields around four ritual skulls, paving the way for your next endeavor, the Skull of Destiny Voyage.

With the Skull of Destiny and a handful of tridents from the fleet, head towards the Fort of the Damned. Use the Skull of Destiny to light beacons and spawn skeletons, and the ritual skulls to ignite the fort.

This process has been streamlined with recent updates, ensuring the same color waves of skeletons appear, with captains being the only variation. Opting for the Reaper’s Emissary can boost your earnings but be prepared; you may become a tempting target for other players.

Hourglass PVP

For the daring pirates among us, the Hourglass PVP strategy can be a gold mine. Yes, it’s risky and somewhat inconsistent, but if you’re confident in your PVP skills, this high-risk method can earn you a substantial amount of gold in Sea of Thieves. The key to this strategy is engaging in combat with two ships, then lowering your Emissary value after each victory.

Each time you successfully lower the hourglass, you net a cool 72,000 coins. The payoff is even greater during Community Day events, thanks to the Golden Glory multipliers. So, don’t shy away from a fight; embrace the high stakes, and you could be rolling in gold coins before you know it.

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