Best Weapon in Sea of Thieves

Best Weapon in Sea of Thieves

Delving into the thrilling world of Sea of Thieves, a question often arises among players: “What is the best weapon to wield?” Although the answer is subjective, reflecting on my experiences in this dynamic, pirate-themed game, I’ve come to a compelling conclusion. The sword, with its rich history and unique features, has distinguished itself as the best weapon in Sea of Thieves

The Sword Is Best Weapon in Sea of Thieves

Sword Is Best Weapon in Sea of Thieves

In its current state, the sword stands out as the best weapon in Sea of Thieves due to its accessibility and power. However, it’s not without its challenges. Issues related to netcode and server inconsistencies sometimes hamper its performance, leading to frustrating experiences such as being killed while seemingly out of range, or even while blocking.

The sword’s best and worst feature might be its interrupt effect. It’s designed as a visual cue, but often disrupts your actions while reloading or eating. This leads to an oppressive feeling, knowing that you’re within striking distance of an enemy. A slight stun effect also hampers escape attempts, leaving little room for error. Addressing these issues could potentially elevate the sword’s standing even further.

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Other Weapons in Sea of Thieves

Of course, we cannot limit our discussion to the sword alone when exploring the best weapon in Sea of Thieves. Other contenders include the Blunderbuss, the Pistol, and the Eye of Reach, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.

The Blunderbuss, a favorite among double gunners, can be a mixed bag. Its unpredictable damage output and high knockback can be both a blessing and a curse. A fixed pellet spread could potentially improve its reliability.

The Pistol, on the other hand, is the fastest reloading gun in the game. With a tight hip-fire spread and high damage, it can be a lethal tool in the hands of skilled players. However, it suffers from low projectile speed and hit registration issues, often leading to frustrating encounters.

Finally, the Eye of Reach is a formidable contender for the best weapon in Sea of Thieves. Its high damage, fast projectile speed, and scope make it a deadly weapon at range. Though its slow reload time and scope glint are drawbacks, they’re minor compared to its advantages. A small reduction in damage could help balance this weapon, maintaining its reliance on skill rather than on the opponent’s food supply.


In conclusion, the sword, despite its challenges, stands as the best weapon in Sea of Thieves. However, with some tweaks and balancing, other weapons could rise to challenge its dominance. The game’s dynamic weapon system ensures a varied and engaging combat experience, keeping players on their toes as they navigate the treacherous waters of Sea of Thieves.

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