Sea of Thieves Chest of Fortune Guide – Price and Where to Find

Sea of Thieves Chest of Fortune Guide

As a seasoned player of Sea of Thieves, I’m thrilled to guide you through the exciting new features of Season 9. Among the most captivating elements this season is the introduction of the Chest of Fortune.

For those of you not in the know, it is a valuable and rare treasure chest that’s shaking up the pirate realm, and it’s up for grabs for anyone with the courage to seize it. But fear not! This guide will explain in detail how to locate and secure the Chest of Fortune, what it’s worth, and how to put it to the best possible use.

Finding Chest of Fortune

Finding Chest of Fortune

There’s no challenge like locating the Chest of Fortune. To begin this thrilling journey, you need to have a keen eye on the horizon. The key sign that the Fort of Fortune event is underway is the massive red skull looming in the sky, accompanied by the haunting sound of a horn. These signs of the event are as elusive as they are ominous, appearing at random and drawing pirates from all corners of the Sea of Thieves.

The event unfolds at the Fort of Fortune, where the sought-after Chest of Fortune awaits the bravest of pirates. Be warned, though. The road to the treasure is paved with dangers. Skeletons guard the vault where the chest rests, ready to challenge those daring enough to seek its riches.

You will have to battle your way through these skeletons to secure the vault. This formidable task isn’t your only concern, as other eager pirates will be hot on your tail, hoping to claim the chest for themselves. The competition is fierce, but the reward is truly worth it.

Price of the Chest of Fortune

Once you’ve navigated through these hazards and secured the Chest of Fortune, your hard-earned prize awaits. This high-value treasure chest is worth a whopping 20,000 gold when turned in to the Gold Hoarders emissary.

Not only does this chest bring substantial monetary rewards, but it also raises your reputation within the Gold Hoarders faction. The process of turning in the chest is straightforward, and the commendation system ensures that your efforts are duly recognized and rewarded.


However, the benefits of acquiring the Chest of Fortune go beyond the gold and the increased reputation. The chest also serves as a key to unlock the Fates of Fortune ship set, a coveted cosmetic skin set introduced in Season 9. Turning in the Chest of Fortune helps you to fill up the commendation needed to acquire this rare and valuable ship set, enhancing your pirate credentials. The thrill of unlocking this set makes the pursuit of the Chest of Fortune even more exciting.

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