Sea of Thieves Fort of Fortune Guide

Sea of Thieves Fort of Fortune Guide

Prepare to embark on an adventure unlike any other in the Sea of Thieves. Our Fort of Fortune guide will take you through the tumultuous waters and reveal the secrets that lie within this rare, yet immensely rewarding World Event.

Unlike its more common sibling, the Skeleton Fort raid, the Fort of Fortune represents a more challenging undertaking with higher stakes, unique mechanics, and coveted rewards that make it worth the peril.

Fort of Fortune Location

In the vast, unpredictable seascape of the Sea of Thieves, the Fort of Fortune doesn’t reside at a static location. It’s a nomadic fortress, taking over various Skeleton Forts found across the map. Keep your spyglass at the ready, for the fort may take over Hidden Spring Keep, Sailor’s Knot Stronghold, Kraken Watchtower, Crow’s Nest Fortress, Skull Keep, or Keel Haul Fort. However, don’t rely on your eyes alone. The Fort announces its arrival with a distinct, horn-like tune that resonates across the sea, a siren’s call to all brave pirates. A glance at the sky, where a skull cloud with glowing red scars reigns, will confirm the Fort’s location.

How Many Waves

Your mettle will be tested against 18 relentless waves of formidable skeletons. Every four to five waves, you’ll face the daunting presence of three Skeleton Captains, tougher than your usual boney adversaries. Stand your ground, for the final wave will summon an Ashen Lord, whose power is akin to an Ashen Winds battle, albeit minus the Boulder Throw attack.

Amidst the chaos, you’ll find dropped Skeleton’s Orders, a boon providing powerful ammunition to aid you in the escalating battle. Utilize these wisely against the skeletal hordes and the looming Ashen Lord.

Fort of Fortune Spawn Rate

Fort of Fortune Spawn Rate

The allure of the Fort of Fortune is in its scarcity. The chance of encountering this event is exceedingly rare, making each appearance an occasion of great significance. This rarity heightens the intensity of the challenge and amplifies the thrill of the reward.

Loot from Fort of Fortune

Should you triumph over the trials of the Fort of Fortune, exceptional treasures await. The triumphant defeat of the Ashen Lord will yield an Ashen Winds Skull and the much-coveted Fort of Fortune Key. Venture inside the vault with your hard-earned key, and bask in the wealth of Athena’s Fortune, the grandest of all Sea of Thieves treasures.

But the fort’s bounty extends further, offering a cornucopia of riches such as the Chest of Legends, Kegs of Ancient Black Powder, Crates of Legendary Voyages, Athena Villainous Skulls, and Athena’s Fortune trinkets. You might also find Stronghold Gunpowder Barrels, Stronghold Skulls, Stronghold Chests, Crates of Ancient Bone Dust, Crates of Spice, Captain’s Chests, Crates of Silk, and Ruby Mermaid Gems. A treasure trove truly worth the perilous adventure.

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