How to Aim Cannon in Sea of Thieves

How to Aim Cannon in Sea of Thieves

Setting sail in the thrilling universe of Sea of Thieves, one quickly realizes the critical role that cannons play in the unfolding adventure. These potent weapons can mean the difference between conquering the high seas or meeting a watery end.

This comprehensive guide aims to make you a master at handling and aiming cannons in Sea of Thieves, arming you with the essential knowledge to command every battle. We’ll dive deep into understanding the behavior of cannonballs under different scenarios and unravel the secrets of accurate aiming to turn you into a feared adversary on the seas.

Mastering Cannonball

Mastering Cannonball

The path a cannonball follows in Sea of Thieves is influenced by several factors such as the angle of the cannon, the ship’s speed and rotation, and its direction. When your ship is stationary, the cannonball’s trajectory can be affected by the rocking motion of the boat. A rocking boat can throw off your vertical aim, making it vital to understand the weight of different objects used in battle. For instance, a player’s weight differs significantly from that of a cannonball, which can impact the cannon’s aim significantly.

Understanding the behavior of cannonballs on a moving ship is a crucial skill to hone. It’s important to note that the cannonball’s trajectory always curves in the direction your ship is heading. This curvature is a fascinating adaptation to the position change of the cannon. As a result, if you can anticipate where your cannon will be upon impact, you can significantly improve your precision in hitting targets.

Similarly, the behavior of cannonballs on a rotating ship is a crucial factor to consider. While the rotation of the vessel might appear to cause a minimal offset to the cannonball’s trajectory, it’s essential to remember that firing the cannonball slightly earlier can ensure accurate targeting. It’s all about timing your shot perfectly.

When your ship is both moving and rotating, the cannonball’s trajectory can seem even more complex. In such a scenario, it may appear that the cannonball is curving more than the ship’s speed. This is due to the ship’s non-linear movement from one point to another. In such situations, it is key to launch the cannonball a bit earlier than when sailing in a straight line.

Aiming cannons in Sea of Thieves is complex if you are a new player, and there is a high chance that you will not understand what we wrote in this guide. That is why we recommend you watch an excellent video guide by PhuzzyBond. In this video guide, PhuzzyBond explains how to aim cannons using real targets, so you will understand easier.

Tips For Cannons in Sea of Thieves

Tips For Cannons in Sea of Thieves

Communication in Cannon Shooting

It is said that communication is the key to success, and this adage holds true even in the chaotic world of Sea of Thieves. The broadside barrage of your ship, as well as its precise aiming, relies heavily on the effective relay of information amongst your crew. By maintaining clear and consistent communication, you can ensure that your team operates as a cohesive unit, maximising the efficiency and power of your cannon fire.

Optimizing Cannon Positioning and Usage

In the heat of a skirmish, the physical orientation of your cannon can significantly impact your rate of fire and reload speed. Traditionally, many pirates favor the right side of the loop. However, situating yourself on the left side allows you easier access to your cannon barrel. This seemingly minor adjustment brings your ammunition closer, enabling you to reload faster and unleash a rapid flurry of cannonballs towards your adversaries.

Grog Balls and Blender Bombs

The arsenal of Sea of Thieves offers a plethora of tactical opportunities to stymie your enemies. Grog Balls, though often overlooked, are a potent tool for creating chaos on enemy ships, especially when their mast is down. By casting a Grog Ball onto a rival ship, you hinder their repair efforts, buying you precious time to capitalize on their vulnerability.

Should you find your supply of Grog Balls depleted, fear not, as Blender Bombs offer a comparable level of disruption. Though not as potent as their grog-filled counterparts, Blender Bombs can deliver a punishing blow that may just tip the scales in your favor.

Effective Boarding

Your arsenal is not only for long-range engagements. When preparing to board an enemy ship, a well-placed Jig Ball or Weary Ball can be your ticket to victory. These tools incapacitate your opponents, preventing them from scampering up the ladder and thwarting your boarding attempts. In tandem with these, Blunderbombs serve as an excellent close-quarters option. Used correctly, they can inflict serious damage and potentially eliminate enemy crew members.

Adjusting Screen Shake Settings

Frequent cannon fire can lead to an irritating screen shake, compromising your aim. A steady hand requires a steady view. By navigating to the graphic settings and disabling screen shake, you ensure a calmer, more focused aim. This adjustment is a game-changer, allowing you to line up your shots without distraction, improving your overall cannon shooting prowess in Sea of Thieves.

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