How to Drop Chest/Items in Sea of Thieves

How to Drop Chest or Items in Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves, a riveting pirate adventure, can sometimes prove more challenging than facing off against a crew of skeleton pirates. One such challenge is figuring out how to drop chest/items. From my own experience, I can tell you it’s a common question that often leaves players feeling marooned.

Control Settings in Sea of Thieves

The game’s control section doesn’t exactly make it smooth sailing when it comes to learning how to drop chest/items in Sea of Thieves. For most of us, we’d naturally assume the ‘F’ key, which we use to pick up objects, would also serve to drop them. However, that’s where the confusion sets in, and the treasure map of control settings seems to lead us astray.

The problem lies in the lack of clear instructions, making the correct control obscure and tricky to find, almost like a hidden treasure. The game developers have left us adrift on this point, and one might wonder why such a simple function isn’t easier to access.

Dropping Chests/Items in Sea of Thieves

Dropping Chests and Items in Sea of Thieves

Here’s the reveal: To drop chest/items in Sea of Thieves, the ‘X’ key is your trusted shipmate. It’s as vital as your compass when navigating the game’s treacherous waters. On the keyboard, you’ll be using this key to drop your items. As for the controller, it’s possible that the same command applies, although I’d advise you to test this on your own vessel.

The process is straightforward once you’re in the know. You’ll be using the ‘F’ key to pick up items, like a shiny gold chest, and the ‘X’ key to drop them. It’s simple, really, once you have the right guidance.

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