How to Fast Travel in Sea of Thieves

How to Fast Travel in Sea of Thieves

So, Sea of Thieves got this fast travel thing now. Basically, it’s like a quick way to get around the huge map in the game. Before, you’d use the Quest Table on your ship for kicking off voyages, right? But now, with season 11 and all, they’ve added these Raid Voyages and made the table a spot where you can pick your adventure and just zap to where you need to be for your quest. Pretty neat.

How to Use Fast Travel

How to Use Fast Travel

Here’s the deal on how to actually use it: You gotta be out at sea, not chilling on some island. At the Quest Table, you pick a quest and hit “Dive to Location.” Your ship does this cool energy thing and then dives underwater. Give it like 30 seconds, and bam, you’re at your quest’s starting line.

If your quest is one of those with a bunch of places you could go, the game picks one for you at random. And remember, after you’ve fast-traveled once, you’re back to sailing the old-fashioned way if you wanna move around more.

Strategic Considerations for Fast Travel

Here’s something to think about: if you fast travel with all your loot, you’re gonna drop it where you dived. But your Emissary Flags and levels, those don’t change. So, if you’re loaded with treasure, you gotta plan around that.

Also, there’s this cooldown thing after you fast travel. It’s like seven to ten minutes before you can use it again. Makes sure everyone’s not just zipping around non-stop and keeps the sailing part of the game in play.

Fast Travel’s Role in Questing and Exploration

Fast travel’s a big win for folks who don’t have all day to play Sea of Thieves. Gets you right into the action or moving along with the Trading Companies. And for the Tall Tales fans, it’s a shortcut to the start of those stories. Just pick your Tall Tale, dive, and you’re off. But, yeah, it does throw you onto a different server, so it’s like a fresh start every time you pop back up.

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