How to Fix LAVENDERBEARD ERROR in Sea of Thieves

How to Fix LAVENDERBEARD ERROR in Sea of Thieves

As an avid gamer and Sea of Thieves enthusiast, I’ve navigated through stormy seas and fought off hordes of skeleton pirates, but nothing prepared me for the dreaded LAVENDERBEARD ERROR. This error has left countless players high and dry, unable to embark on their virtual pirate adventures. However, through my own tribulations, I’ve discovered a straightforward fix for this error on both Windows and Steam platforms. This article aims to guide you through these steps to help you get back into the game.



Sea of Thieves, a popular pirate-themed multiplayer game, is often marred by the LAVENDERBEARD ERROR. This error message signifies that Sea of Thieves services are temporarily unavailable. It can be extremely frustrating, especially when you’re all set to set sail on your pirate ship. Yet, as problematic as this error seems, the solution lies within your Windows 10 system itself.

Finding Your Way Through the Credential Manager

The first port of call in our journey to fix the LAVENDERBEARD ERROR in Sea of Thieves is the Credential Manager on Windows 10. By simply typing ‘Credential Manager’ into the search bar at the bottom of your screen, you can easily access it. Don’t worry if your Windows version is in a different language, the function remains the same.

Once you’ve opened the Credential Manager, you’ll find yourself facing a window with a multitude of options. Here, you need to focus on the ‘Windows sign-in information’ or its equivalent in your language. Clicking on this will bring up a long list of sign-in information.

Navigating the Sea of Sign-in Information

In this sea of sign-in information, your target is the ‘XBL Ticket.’ This is the little nugget of data causing your LAVENDERBEARD ERROR in Sea of Thieves. Once you’ve spotted this, click on it to open another tab.

Here, you’ll find an option to ‘delete.’ Rest assured, deleting this won’t unleash another sea monster in your system. This process simply resets your Xbox Live login information, effectively defusing the LAVENDERBEARD ERROR.

Once the troublesome XBL Ticket is out of the way, it’s time to launch Sea of Thieves again. This time, however, you’ll be asked to log back into your Xbox Live credentials. It might seem like an extra step, but it’s a small price to pay to get back into the game.

Once you’ve logged in, you should be able to play Sea of Thieves without any interruptions. The LAVENDERBEARD ERROR should now be a thing of the past.


In conclusion, fixing the LAVENDERBEARD ERROR in Sea of Thieves is not as daunting as it seems. With a few simple steps and a dive into your Credential Manager, you can banish this error for good. Here’s to smooth sailing and uninterrupted gaming!

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