How To Fix Sound and Mic Issues in Sea of Thieves

How To Fix Sound and Mic Issues in Sea of Thieves

Navigating the high seas in Sea of Thieves is an unparalleled experience, but sound and mic issues can rapidly sink your pirate adventure. Without clear audio or a working microphone, communication with your crew and immersion within the game becomes a challenge.

This article offers a comprehensive guide to restoring your sound and mic capabilities, enabling you to reclaim your place among the pirate legends.

Every seasoned Sea of Thieves player knows that the game’s full experience comes with its immersive sound design and in-game communication. However, when sound and mic issues emerge, it’s akin to sailing into a storm.

Suddenly, you’re unable to hear the waves crashing against your ship or communicate with your fellow pirates. These issues can be frustrating, but with the right steps, you can overcome these challenges and restore your audio capabilities.

Sound Settings

Sound Settings

Your first step towards fixing these issues begins with the sound settings on your computer. The little sound icon present in your taskbar is more than just a volume controller; it’s the gateway to resolving your audio issues. By right-clicking on this icon, you can access a range of sound settings that control the audio output of your device.

From here, enter the sound control panel, a realm filled with various settings waiting to be tweaked. Within the playback devices section, disable any device you’re not using. This action will prevent any potential interference that might be disrupting your audio output in Sea of Thieves. Next, ensure that only the microphone you’re using is enabled and selected as the default device within the recording section. This step is crucial in resolving your mic issues.

Advanced Sound Options and Sea of Thieves

Once you’ve set the course with your computer’s sound settings, it’s time to navigate the advanced sound options in Sea of Thieves. Start by launching the game, then return to your sound settings. From here, you can access app volume and device preferences. Here, you’ll find Sea of Thieves, which may be set to the default device. For optimal audio output and input, select your primary communication devices in the game’s settings.

Xbox App: Audio Configuration

Your journey doesn’t end here. The Xbox app on your computer is another crucial port to visit for fixing your sound and mic issues in Sea of Thieves. Within the app, click on the settings option and browse down to the audio section. Like a seasoned pirate reading a treasure map, ensure that your input and output devices are correctly set, and they align with the configurations you’ve set in other sections.

Console Companion Settings

The last stop on this voyage to fix your sound and mic issues in Sea of Thieves is the console companion. Launch this handy tool and navigate to its settings. Just like your previous stops, consistency is key. Make sure the settings here mirror those in your other applications. This step ensures a harmonious audio experience across all platforms when playing Sea of Thieves.

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