How to Get a Chest of Rage in Sea of Thieves

How to Get a Chest of Rage in Sea of Thieves

Venturing into the fascinating world of ‘Sea of Thieves’, you are bound to stumble upon many exciting treasures. One such treasure that has sparked the interest of numerous pirates across the globe is the legendary ‘Chest of Rage.’

Brimming with intriguing mysteries and phenomenal rewards, this treasure chest offers a unique thrill that is hard to find elsewhere. This guide will take you on a comprehensive journey, teaching you everything you need to know about acquiring and handling the coveted Sea of Thieves Chest of Rage.

Where to Find the Chest of Rage

In your treasure hunting escapades, various strategies could lead you to the enigmatic Chest of Rage. There’s no single surefire way to get your hands on this treasure. However, every avenue you explore adds an exciting layer to your adventure, making your pursuit even more engaging.

A tried and tested location is the Molten Sands Fortress Skeleton Fort Vault. It’s tucked away at coordinates Z11 and Z12 on the map. Brace yourself for a thrilling combat experience, as you’ll have to face an army of powerful skeletons to seize the Chest of Rage. Your victory will be sweetened by the promise of the chest waiting for you inside the vault.

One of the most exhilarating methods of getting the Chest of Rage is by defeating an Ashen Lord. This world event occurs under a red tornado-like cloud, which signifies the Ashen Winds. As a strategy, position your ship strategically and fire cannons to defeat the Ashen Lord. Upon successful defeat, the Chest of Rage is guaranteed.

Your treasure hunting efforts may also lead you to the Chest of Rage in various other scenarios. Exploring sunken shipwrecks, completing treasure maps, encountering it on a Skeleton Ship, or even finding it in a Barrel of Plenty can prove rewarding. Remember, the thrill lies in the chase!

Chest of Rage Additional Info

Chest of Rage Additional Info

The Chest of Rage isn’t your everyday treasure chest. It holds unique properties that demand careful handling. On your journey, it’s crucial to comprehend the fiery temperament of the Chest of Rage. This chest, when left unattended, may heat up and damage nearby players, creatures, or even your ship. That said, the dangers of the chest come hand in hand with potential rewards.

The chest can be sold to The Gold Hoarders or The Servant of Flame for a substantial gold amount. Alternatively, you can use the chest as a weapon against enemies. When it glows, cut the surface, and a massive explosion ensues.

Mastering the handling of the Chest of Rage will be your key to success in Sea of Thieves. A little insider’s tip is to keep the chest on top of a barrel on the bottom deck with water below to prevent fires.

The chest can also be cooled by rainwater from storms, or more surprisingly, even with a bucket of vomit! You can also position the chest on a ship’s bowsprit and put out the fire from the explosion with just a single bucket of water.

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