How to Get a Legendary Ship Title in Sea of Thieves

How to Get a Legendary Ship Title in Sea of Thieves

An exhilarating quest awaits any dedicated pirate in the vast and treacherous Sea of Thieves, one that will test their mettle and secure their status amongst fellow seafarers. As introduced in the game’s seventh season, players now have the chance to earn a Legendary Ship Title, an honor that not only distinguishes their vessel but could potentially give second thoughts to any adversary pondering a hostile approach. This comprehensive guide walks you through the journey of obtaining this prestigious status for your ship.

In the world of Sea of Thieves, your voyage towards acquiring a Legendary Ship Title begins with a ship of your own. Whether it be a nimble Sloop, a sturdy Brig, or a grand Galleon, you’ll need to purchase one using your hard-earned gold, marking your first step into the Captaincy update. This not only offers you the opportunity to sail the seas in a vessel you can truly call your own but also sets the stage for the ensuing adventure towards your Legendary Ship Title.

Captain’s Logbook

Once you’ve set sail, you’ll find the Captain’s Logbook in your captain’s quarters, resting comfortably on the Voyage Table. This logbook is your guide and record keeper, chronicling your journey and achievements in the form of Milestones. Interaction with the Logbook is vital as it provides insight into the tasks that lay ahead and keeps track of the progress you’ve made.

Milestones and Alignments

Milestones in Sea of Thieves are akin to mini-achievements that track your accomplishments as you journey across the seas. They can range from the distance you’ve sailed to the number of enemy ships you’ve sent to the deep. These Milestones are grouped into categories known as Milestone Alignments, reflecting the unique playstyles of different captains.

Interestingly, these Alignments increase in Class levels as you complete Milestones related to them. For example, if you fancy yourself a hoarder of gold, you’ll likely progress in the Gold Seeker Alignment, completing Milestones such as amassing wealth, spending your earnings, or selling precious loot. As you complete more Milestones within an Alignment, your Class level within that category rises.

Achieving Legendary Status

Achieving Legendary Status

Your ultimate goal is to reach Class 50 in any of the Milestone Alignments for your captained ship. This is no small feat and requires dedication, strategy, and a fair bit of daring. However, the rewards are worth the effort, as achieving Class 50 rewards you with a Legendary Ship Title corresponding to that Alignment.

The Sea of Thieves boasts seven Legendary Ship Titles, each carrying its unique allure and reputation. These include the Legendary Gold Seeker, the Legendary Voyager, the Legendary Emissary, the Legendary Hunter, the Legendary Feared, the Legendary Rogue, and the Legendary Ill-Fated. Each title reflects the nature of the tasks you’ve undertaken and the journey you’ve traversed to earn it.

With your Legendary Ship Title in hand, it’s time to let the world know of your accomplishments. Navigating to the Ship Decorations menu from your ship’s menu will reveal the Ship’s Titles option. Here, you can select your earned Legendary Ship Title and confirm its addition to your ship. Your ship’s name will now bear this prestigious title, making your legendary status apparent to all who gaze upon it.

This not only serves as a testament to your journey and accomplishments but also influences how other pirates perceive you. A Legendary Ship Title can act as both a warning and a challenge to others, making them think twice before engaging you in combat.

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