How to get and farm Cursed Cannonballs in Sea of Thieves

How to get and farm Curse Cannonballs in Sea of Thieves

Are you venturing the perilous waters of Sea of Thieves? Do you want to amplify your firepower with the coveted Cursed Cannonballs? Well, you’ve navigated to the right spot! This in-depth guide aims to unravel the mystery of finding and farming these precious ammunitions in the game, thereby enhancing your journey on the high seas.

Where to Find Cursed Cannonballs

To successfully farm Cursed Cannonballs in Sea of Thieves, one must first understand the importance of resource barrels. Scattered across various locations such as islands, outposts, skull forts, and even submerged within sunken ships, these barrels hold the key to acquiring your much sought-after ammunition.

Even the floating barrels dotting the ocean surface might surprise you with their contents! An exhaustive exploration of these barrels is therefore paramount in your quest for Cursed Cannonballs.

Randomness and Rarity of Cursed Cannonballs

Now, as a seasoned mariner myself, let me make it clear that the distribution of Cursed Cannonballs within these barrels is random. This means you might find any type of cursed cannonball while rummaging through. For those who wish to fill their cannon with the strains of Wearyballs or Jigballs, the unpredictability of the discovery might prove challenging. However, don’t let this deter you. Embrace the excitement of the unexpected and keep searching – there’s no guaranteed shortcut to find a particular type, but persistence is key in Sea of Thieves.

Best Way to Farm Cursed Cannonballs

Best Way to Farm Cursed Cannonballs

While resource barrels are essential, the veritable treasure trove of Cursed Cannonballs lies within the formidable Skeleton Ships. These ghostly vessels are your golden ticket to a significant stash of these precious projectiles. Interestingly, the type of Cursed Cannonballs they carry is denoted by the banner flying high on their mast. So keep your spyglass handy and your eyes peeled for the right banners.

Upon spotting a Skeleton Galleon bearing your desired cannonballs, gear up to board it. Yes, it’s a daring feat, but one that comes with great rewards. However, your strategy here matters significantly. Positioning yourself strategically on the enemy deck is paramount. Your objective is to catch a skeleton in the act of loading a Cursed Cannonball into their cannon. Be swift and precise as you dash over, subdue the skeleton, and claim your prize.

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