How to get and use Bait in Sea of Thieves

How to get and use Bait in Sea of Thieves

Welcome, pirates and buccaneers, to the exciting world of Sea of Thieves, a game filled with countless adventures, thrilling battles, and the intriguing allure of fishing. One element that adds depth to this immersive experience is the use of bait, a crucial tool for any angler aiming to hook a variety of fish in this vast oceanic realm. In this guide, we’ll demystify the process of obtaining and using bait in Sea of Thieves, exploring the different types and their particular uses.

How to get Bait in Sea of Thieves

How to get Bait in Sea of Thieves

In the dynamic, ever-evolving world of Sea of Thieves, barrels scattered throughout the islands are your first bet to stock up on bait. Just take a quick peek inside, and you’re likely to find a decent amount. But don’t limit your search to barrels; the real adventure begins when you set out to find bait in their natural habitats.

Leeches, for instance, are a sought-after bait in the game. With your trusty spade in hand, venture around the water’s edge to find these squiggly creatures. Though it might be a tad difficult to find leeches in spawn point areas, the islands are teeming with them, making the quest more rewarding.

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Moving on, the verdant grassy areas on larger islands in Sea of Thieves are prime spots for earthworms, another type of bait. These wriggly creatures are excellent for attracting certain fish, but be warned: finding them requires a keen eye and a bit of patience.

Finally, let’s talk about grubs. Found in the sandy beaches of outposts and islands, grubs are a crucial bait type that every pirate should have in their arsenal. It’s always a good idea to gather a few stacks of each bait type to ensure you’re well-prepared for your fishing quest.

How to use Bait in Sea of Thieves

Once you’ve amassed your bait, it’s time to put it to use. After all, what’s a pirate without a bit of practical knowledge? Head over to your ship, locate the food barrel, and start stacking your bait. Remember, you can hold up to ten pieces of any bait at a time.

In Sea of Thieves, attaching bait to your fishing rod is a breeze. With a simple flick of the selection dial, move to the bait of your choice and equip it. And if you wish to switch bait types, just move to another bait on your dial.

Different Baits for Different Fish

Different Baits for Different Fish

Different types of bait in Sea of Thieves lure different species of fish, adding another layer to the fascinating fishing mechanics. Earthworms, for instance, are the preferred choice when you’re after wreckers, whale splashes, and plenty fins.

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Grubs, on the other hand, prove irresistible to battle gills and devil fish. For storm fishes and ancient scales, leeches are the go-to bait. However, if you’re interested in catching other types of fish, you may not need bait at all. Simply drop your line in the water and see what bites.

Should your heart desire an exclusive fish, employing the right bait becomes even more critical. Knowledge of which bait lures what fish is a testament to your prowess as an angler in the world of Sea of Thieves.

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