How to Get Doubloons in Sea of Thieves

How to Get Doubloons in Sea of Thieves

Ahoy, fellow pirates! Welcome to an in-depth guide that demystifies the process of accruing doubloons in Sea of Thieves. As a long-time player, I’ve been through the seas, sailing from the time when doubloons were introduced in July 2018. Initially, doubloons were rare, sought-after commodities, primarily earned through commendations. However, as the game evolved, they’ve somewhat lost their lustre. But hold your anchors! Season 9 brings a wave of changes that are about to restore the former glory of these once treasured blue coins.

How to Get Doubloons

How to Get Doubloons

In the quest to get doubloons in Sea of Thieves, understanding the value of your treasure is crucial. Various treasure pieces can be sold for doubloons instead of gold. Among them, ritual skulls, Rag and Bone crates, Ashen chests, Ashen Keys, Ashen tomes, and Gifts each hold a unique doubloon value.

However, the crown jewel among these treasures is the Ashen Chest. Not only does an Ashen chest contain an Ashen tome, but it can also potentially hide a ritual skull, a bag of doubloons, or an additional tome. Selling these treasures at the Reaper’s Hideout with a grade 5 Reaper Emissary flag can also significantly amplify your doubloon earnings.

Fishing Method

One effective way to get Ashen Chests is through fishing. Yes, you heard it right, fellow pirates! The shores of gold hide a unique fishing spot that proves to be a gold mine for treasure instead of fish. Gather your crew and cast your lines on a particular set of rocks, where fish despawn until you pull up treasure. This way, you can unearth Ashen Keys, opening up the opportunity to purchase and complete Ashen Chest Voyages, leading to a significant profit in doubloons.

World Events

Another traditional and profitable method to earn doubloons in Sea of Thieves is by participating in specific world events. Skeleton Forts and Skeleton Fleets are two such events, guaranteeing a minimum of two Ashen chests. While both events present an opportunity, the Skeleton Fleet stands out as it provides guaranteed Ashen Keys as well, making it the preferred choice for doubloon seekers.

Other Ways to get Doubloons

There’s more than one way to get doubloons in Sea of Thieves. For instance, you can server hop for Reaper’s chests, complete the Plunder Pass for extra doubloons, or even go commendation hunting. All of these methods, while not as exciting as a Skeleton Fleet battle, offer substantial rewards in the form of doubloons.

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