How To Get Every Flame of Fate Fast in Sea of Thieves

How To Get Every Flame of Fate Fast in Sea of Thieves

In the captivating world of Sea of Thieves, one of the most intriguing elements that keep the players engaged is the Flames of Fate. These flames, each characterized by unique colors, are not merely decorative but hold significant value within the game’s mechanics.

The flames, introduced back in 2018, have progressively become integral to various in-game events such as the Fort of the Damned and Athena of These Haven voyages. This guide aims to equip you with a thorough understanding and effective strategies to gather all six Flames of Fate in Sea of Thieves.

Flame of Fate Fundamentals

When a player succumbs to the dangers in the mystical world of Sea of Thieves, they find themselves aboard the Ferry of the Damned. The ferry houses the Well of Fates – a source from which you can draw a Flame of Fate. However, the flame you receive is not arbitrary; it is determined by the cause of your death. Collecting the flame, however, requires you to hold up your lantern to the well, and voila – you have a Flame of Fate!

The flame’s color becomes crucial here. Your lantern’s color changes upon collecting a flame, and the same color can be transferred to the lanterns on your ship. But beware! If you die, your lantern’s color resets to its default, and if your ship sinks, all the lanterns on the respawned ship will be of normal color. Therefore, maintaining your ship’s buoyancy becomes essential when you’re on the quest for the Flames of Fate.

Six Flames of Fate

Six Flames of Fate

Each of the six Flames of Fate in Sea of Thieves corresponds to a unique cause of death.

  1. The Flame of the Lost Seafarers, characterized by a cool blue color, can be obtained when sea creatures defeat you.
  2. The Flame of Burning Hearts, burning in fiery red, can be achieved by succumbing to fire.
  3. If skeletons or other land-based threats cause your demise, you’ll get the Flame of Cursed Bones or the green flame.
  4. The Purple Flame of the Viper is granted upon death by poison
  5. The Flame of Thunderous Weather, a stark white flame, comes from dying due to lightning or electrocution.
  6. Lastly, the Flame of Embattled Souls, a striking pink flame, can be claimed upon death caused by an enemy player.

Collect All Flames of Fate Swiftly

Collect All Flames of Fate Swiftly

In your journey to collect all Flames of Fate in Sea of Thieves, my advice as a fellow player is to aim for the pink flame first. The reason being, if you’re engaged in a fight with an enemy ship while you possess the other five flames, a sinking ship would cost you all of them. However, if you manage to secure the pink flame first, even if your ship sinks and you die, you’ll still have the pink flame.

Collecting the pink flame isn’t a task that requires a trick. It’s as simple as sailing around until you come across an enemy ship and let them defeat you. The other five flames, however, demand a bit more effort and strategic planning.

To collect the other five Flames of Fate, you should be prepared to face a few challenges. Begin by locating a treasury on your map. On your way, arm yourself with a firebomb from your barrel and a bucket of water from the lower deck of your ship. Aim the firebomb at your ship’s bow sprit, wait until your health drops to about 20 percent, then extinguish the fire with the water. This process should grant you the red flame, the Flame of Burning Hearts.

Once you reach the treasury, you will notice a shimmering purple mist above the water, indicating its active status. Swimming down, you’ll discover a glowing coral patch signaling the entrance. Inside, you’ll encounter several waves of creatures. My recommendation is to tackle the Flame of Cursed Bones first. When you face ocean crawlers or skeletons, allow them to defeat you. This defeat will be your victory as you’ll obtain the green flame.

After each successful acquisition, utilize the mermaid statue to return to your ship, light the lantern, and then plunge back to the treasury to continue your quest.

The Flame of the Lost Seafarers or the blue flame can be achieved when you encounter a wave of sirens. Allow them to overcome you, and you’ll rise with the blue flame. The Flame of the Viper, the purple flame, is a bit tricky.

When faced with an ocean crawler wave, isolate the clam creature. They spray a poison cloud periodically, which doesn’t deal much damage initially. However, if you maintain proximity, they’ll continue spraying the poison. Make sure you’re at low health before trying this, and soon, the purple flame will be yours.

For the Flame of Thunderous Weather or the white flame, you need to defeat all creatures until you encounter an ocean crawler wave with the electric eels. When they charge an electric ball, hitting them will cause an explosion, and if that kills you, you’ve successfully collected the white flame.

While you might be able to get the flames faster by relying on random shark spawns or storm locations, this method guarantees a consistent and controllable way to gather all the Flames of Fate in Sea of Thieves.

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