How to get Fates of Fortune Ship Set in Sea of Thieves

How to get Fates of Fortune Ship Set in Sea of Thieves

Plundering the seas and discovering hidden treasures, all while brandishing the Sea of Thieves Fates of Fortune Ship Set, is a dream many players aspire to fulfill. This guide is all about unearthing the secrets to acquiring this much-coveted ship set in the game.

Right from navigating commendations and world events, to securing the ‘Fortune’s Favour’ commendation, and purchasing the ship set components, you will find everything here to aid you in your quest to get the Fates of Fortune Ship Set.

How to get Fates of Fortune Ship Set

As an enthusiastic Sea of Thieves player, you must be aware of the Chests of Fortune Commendations. They play an instrumental role in your journey towards acquiring the Fates of Fortune Ship Set. Submit these chests to the Gold Hoarders; they are your golden tickets in this adventure.

Next, steer your ship towards the world event – Fort of Fortune. But how do you identify this event? A large skull cloud, adorned with golden eyes and scars, acts as your beacon. Spot this mark, and you’re in the right waters. Brace yourself to engage in an event filled with challenges and strong adversaries.

Be warned, fellow pirate, you might encounter other players also seeking the Fates of Fortune Ship Set. Strategic moves and quick thinking will help you conquer this common goal.

The next piece of the puzzle is to gather 30 Chests of Fortune and hand them over to The Gold Hoarders. Achieving this goal is instrumental in completing Fortune’s Favour Grade 1. Your best chance to find these chests lies within the vault of a Fort of Fortune, specifically during Season 9.

Price of Fates of Fortune Ship Set

Once you’ve got your hands on the Grade 1 ‘Fortune’s Favour’ commendation, you’re well on your way. The next stage involves unlocking the Fates of Fortune Figurehead, Hull, and Sails. Once unlocked, these can be purchased from any Shipwright. Here’s a tip: be prepared to part with a hefty sum of 600,000 Gold each for the Figurehead and Sails, and 400,000 Gold for the Hull.

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