How to get Pirate Legend in Sea of Thieves

How to get Pirate Legend in Sea of Thieves

Are you ready to elevate your game in Sea of Thieves and become the legendary pirate everyone envies? The Pirate Legend status is the pinnacle achievement, the final destination in the Sea of Thieves journey. It’s a journey of challenge and intrigue, but with the right strategy, it’s achievable even in a short time frame. This guide aims to demystify the path to Pirate Legend, focusing on a unique approach that centers around the perilous but rewarding region known as the Devil’s Roar.

While it’s common for many players to plot their course, take part in world events, and level up gradually to reach the coveted level 50 in Sea of Thieves, a faster and more focused alternative exists. This method takes you to the Devil’s Roar, a unique region that offers distinct missions and bountiful rewards. By concentrating your efforts here, you can streamline your journey to Pirate Legend and get there quicker than you might think.

Devil’s Roar

The Devil’s Roar is a region that packs a punch, with unique Ashen gold voyages, Ashen vault voyages, Ashen order of souls voyages, and Ashen cargo runs. The beauty of these missions lies in their geographical constraint. Unlike other quests that might send you gallivanting across the vast Sea of Thieves world, the Devil’s Roar voyages confine you to a smaller, more manageable area.

This region measures only 5 by 15 blocks, a quarter the size of the main Sea of Thieves world, making it more convenient to navigate. Furthermore, the loot here is far more valuable. For instance, an Ashen chest sells for a base value of 1100 gold, double that of a standard Captain’s chest, which sells for 560 gold. This trend of high-value loot extends across the entire Ashen loot pool, making the Devil’s Roar the place to be for ambitious pirates.

Way to Get Pirate Legend

Way to Get Pirate Legend

The secret to fast-tracking your path to Pirate Legend lies in effectively leveraging the factions available in the Devil’s Roar. For instance, aligning with the Gold Hoarders faction and gaining access to the Ashen vaults can result in substantial reputation gains. With each vault completion, you can gain two to three levels at base sell value, helping you reach level 50 swiftly.

The Merchant Alliance is another key faction. By stacking Devil’s Roar cargo voyages, you can reap both gold and reputation gains. Your strategy here is straightforward: stack cargo run missions until you find collection points at your current outpost or the next island.

The Order of Souls and Reaper’s Bones factions offer more flexibility. The Order of Souls provides easy-to-kill targets, thanks to the instant kill damage inflicted by the geysers. Alternatively, the Reaper’s Bones faction allows you to sell all types of loot, offering reputation boosts for everything from tridents to Ashen Captain skulls.

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