How to Get Struck By Lightning in Sea of Thieves

How to Get Struck By Lightning in Sea of Thieves

Dive into the immersive world of Sea of Thieves, where unpredictable storms can bring both danger and reward. This guide is all about getting struck by lightning, a crucial yet elusive event that opens up new opportunities in gameplay, including the chance to unlock the coveted white lantern color. Let’s set sail into the heart of a storm and shed light on this electrifying aspect of the game.

Lightning in Sea of Thieves

In the expansive, perilous seascape of Sea of Thieves, lightning is a compelling force, bringing a unique blend of risk and reward. With every flash of light, a player can incur about 20 points of damage, but beware, if you’re holding a Cutlass, the damage soars to a whopping 70 points. That’s right, holding a Cutlass not only increases the damage you take but also makes you a more likely target of these electric strikes.

Lightning isn’t selective; it can strike straight through your ship’s hull, finding you even if you’re swimming beneath or standing inside your vessel. Moreover, it’s not just players who should fear the thunderous crackle. Gunpowder Barrels that come in contact with a bolt can explode, while Skeletons and Animals can be instantly obliterated by its power.

Importance of Getting Struck By Lightning

But why, you might ask, would anyone want to get struck by lightning in Sea of Thieves? The answer lies in the ethereal glow of the White Flame of Fate. This spectral flame can only be obtained by meeting your end in the game at the hand of a lightning strike. Moreover, getting struck by lightning is a prerequisite for obtaining the mystical white lantern color, a necessity for earning the Festival of the Damned commendation and doubloons.

How to Get Struck By Lightning

Taking a lightning bolt head-on requires a bit of planning. Firstly, storms are your friend in this endeavor. To get struck by lightning, position yourself within one of the game’s random and unpredictable storms. But beware; the tempestuous Devil’s Roar is an exception as storms never venture into this area.

Timing and preparation are crucial. Before trying to get struck by lightning, reduce your health to a minimum. An easy way to achieve this is by leaping from the crow’s nest to your ship’s deck. Remember, a lightning strike won’t end your character’s journey if you’re at full health.

Now, equip your Cutlass and stand tall on your ship, patiently waiting for that electrifying hit. The path to the white flame isn’t just paved with danger; it’s a test of endurance and bravery.

When you finally achieve that jarring jolt, death isn’t the end; it’s the start of a new journey. Post-mortem, you’ll be able to equip the White Flame of Fate obtained from the ship’s flame. This progression is a significant step towards the coveted accommodation, marking your triumph over nature’s most uncontrollable force.

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