How to Get the Ashen Curse in Sea of Thieves

How to Get the Ashen Curse in Sea of Thieves

As you embark on your swashbuckling adventures in Sea of Thieves, you’ll come across various curses that will change your gameplay experience. The Ashen Curse is likely the first of these intriguing challenges that you’ll unlock, and it’s also one of the most common. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the steps required to obtain this captivating curse and provide valuable insights into how to make the most of it.

Unlocking the Ashen Curse

Unlocking the Ashen Curse

The Ashen Curse is more than just a fancy cosmetic alteration; it’s an integral part of the Ashen Dragon set. To unlock this bewitching curse, you’ll need to obtain the Black Witch Reborn Commendation. This commendation is the key to your journey, and unlocking it requires completing a specific tall tale in the Sea of Thieves universe: The Heart of Fire.

Embarking on The Heart of Fire Tall Tale

The Heart of Fire Tall Tale

To begin The Heart of Fire Tall Tale, set sail to Morrow’s Peak Outpost, where the journey commences. The tall tale itself is full of intrigue, danger, and excitement, as it takes you through various challenges and tasks. As you progress through the tale, keep in mind that each step requires patience, strategy, and teamwork.

Navigating the Heart of Fire adventure, you’ll face puzzles, enemies, and thrilling encounters. It’s essential to work with your crew to overcome these obstacles, using your combined strengths to ensure success. Be prepared for unexpected twists and turns, as the Sea of Thieves is known for its unpredictable nature.

Steps for Getting Ashen Curse in Sea of Thieves

There are a lot of steps and tasks that you have to complete in order to complete Heart of Fire and get the ashen curse. It is impossible for us to write down all the steps, and there is a chance that you will get lost. A video guide is always better for this type of content, so we recommend you watch the video guide by ConCon. The guide from ConCon is extremely good and detailed.

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